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Camarinha-Matos, Luis M. (Herausgeber); Boucher, Xavier (Herausgeber); Afsarmanesh, Hamideh (Herausgeber)

Collaborative Networks for a Sustainable World 11th IFIP WG 5.5 Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises, PRO-VE 2010, St. Etienne, France, October 11-13, 2010, Proceedings (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Advances in Information and Communication Technology 336

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, September 2010

783 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 243x167x51 mm

ISBN: 3642159605 EAN: 9783642159602

Collaborative Networks for a Sustainable World Aiming to reach a sustainable world calls for a wider collaboration among multiple stakeholders from different origins, as the changes needed for sustainability exceed the capacity and capability of any individual actor. In recent years there has been a growing awareness both in the political sphere and in civil society including the bu- ness sectors, on the importance of sustainability. Therefore, this is an important and timely research issue, not only in terms of systems design but also as an effort to b- row and integrate contributions from different disciplines when designing and/or g- erning those systems. The discipline of collaborative networks especially, which has already emerged in many application sectors, shall play a key role in the implemen- tion of effective sustainability strategies. PRO-VE 2010 focused on sharing knowledge and experiences as well as identi- ing directions for further research and development in this area. The conference - dressed models, infrastructures, support tools, and governance principles developed for collaborative networks, as important resources to support multi-stakeholder s- tainable developments. Furthermore, the challenges of this theme open new research directions for CNs. PRO-VE 2010 held in St.

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The Role of Collaborative Networks in Sustainability.- Sustainability Cases - I.- Towards an Environmental Management Approach for Collaborative Networks.- Green Virtual Enterprises and Their Breeding Environments.- Collaborative Networks for Biodiversity Domain Organizations.- Active Ageing Roadmap - A Collaborative Networks Contribution to Demographic Sustainability.- Sustainability Cases - II.- ePAL Vision 2020 for Active Ageing of Senior Professionals.- A Network of Complementary SMEs for a Global Infrastructure for Services: The Example of Environmental Urban Services.- A Framework for Maintaining Socio-technical Balance during the Evolution of Complex Systems.- Adoption and Diffusion of m-Government: Challenges and Future Directions for Research.- Innovation Networks.- Support for Innovation Processes in Collaborative Networks.- The Role of Collaborative Networks in Business Model Innovation.- Stakeholder Analysis of a Platform and Ecosystem for Open Innovation in SMEs.- Carbon Efficient Value Networks.- Linking Carbon Performance and Effectiveness of Supply Chains.- Methodology for Carbon Footprint in Forestry Findings and Ways of Improvement.- How IS Contribute to the Development of a Sustainable Procurement Policy.- Promoting Sustainability Awareness through Energy Engaged Virtual Communities of Construction Stakeholders.- Management of CNs in Humanitarian Organizations - I.- Conceptualising Inventory Prepositioning in the Humanitarian Sector.- Collaboration Networks Involving Humanitarian Organisations - Particular Problems for a Particular Sector.- What Really Matters in Locating Shared Humanitarian Stockpiles: Evidence from the WASH Cluster.- Management of CNs in Humanitarian Organizations - II.- A Mediation Information System to Help to Coordinate the Response to a Crisis.- Towards a Reference Mission Map for Performance Measurement in Humanitarian Supply Chains.- Towards a Performance Measurement System to Control Disaster Response.- Collaborative Networks Implementations.- A Structured Approach for Implementing Virtual Organization Breeding Environments in the Mold and Die Sector - A Brazilian Case Study.- An Innovative Framework Supporting SME Networks for Complex Product Manufacturing.- The Implications of the 4 C's of Supply Chain Network Interaction Strategies for Cost Information Visibility and Network Profitability - An Integrative Model.- Idioms for Collaborative Government Networks - Conceptualization and Applications to Seamless Services.- Collaborative Health Networks.- A System Architecture Supporting the Agile Coordination of Homecare Services.- Care Network Coordination for Chemotherapy at Home: A Case Study.- Strategic and Tactical Hospital Bed Management in Belgium and in France.- From Clinical Practice Guideline to Clinical Pathway -Issues of Reference Model-Based Approach.- Networking Structures.- Implementing Self-organising Virtual Enterprises Using Social Behaviour Nets.- Network Structures in the International Clothing Industry.- Discerning Industrial Networks, Clusters and Competences - An Alternative View Using Web Mining Techniques.- Partners Selection and VO Creation - I.- A Multi-layer Framework for Virtual Organizations Creation in Breeding Environment.- Autonomic Approach to Planning and Scheduling in Networked Small Factories.- An Approach to Select Suppliers for Sustainable Collaborative Networks.- Partners Selection and VO Creation - II.- Evaluating How Potential Pool of Partners Can Join Together in Different Types of Long Term Collaborative Networked Organizations.- Creation of Dynamic Virtual Organizations for Child Abuse Prevention in the VO Breeding Environment Context.- MAPSS, a Multi- Aspect Partner and Service Selection Method .- Modeling and Managing Competencies - I.- Managing the Competencies of Team Members in Design Projects through Multi-period Task Assignment.- Aided Virtual Team Building System: Zooming in on Web 2.0 Tools and Competence Management.- A New Approach to Competence-Based Business Partner Profiles for Collaborative Business Process Management.- Pattern-Based Competence Management: On the Gap between Intentions and Reality.- Modeling and Managing Competencies - II.- Reasoning about Skills and Competencies.- A Competence-Based Collaborative Network: The West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace.- UNICOMP: Identification of Enterprise Competencies to Build Collaborative Networks.- The Role of Organizational Competences in the Evolution of Business Models.- Trust and Information.- The Variable Nature of Trust in Sustainable Collaborative Ventures.- Informedness in Collaborative Networks through Active Information Provisioning.- Integration of Business and Industrial Knowledge on Services to Set Trusted Business Communities of Organisations.- Service Orientation in Collaborative Networks - I.- Social Service Brokerage Based on UDDI and Social Requirements.- Conceptual Design of Service Procurement for Collaborative Service Networks.- Applying e-Service Model in Assessment and Comparison of Services.- Pro-Active Service Entity Framework for a Better Mapping between Business and Software.- Service Orientation in Collaborative Networks - II.- Engineering of Service Oriented Collaborative Network.- Towards a Reference Architecture for a Collaborative Intelligent Transport System Infrastructure.- Using Event B to Specify QoS in ODP Enterprise Language.- Towards a Modeling Framework for Service-Oriented Digital Ecosystems.- Collaboration Process Models.- Application of the EKD Process Model to Support the Coordination of Collaborative Networks in the Civil Construction Sector.- Lightweight Process Modeling for Virtual Enterprise Process Collaboration.- Integration of the Supplier Capacity for Choosing the Less Risky Schedule within an Uncertain Environment.- Performance and Value - I.- The Impact of Inter-organizational Social Capital in Collaborative Networks Competitiveness: An Empirical Analysis.- Measuring and Evaluating Communication Intensities in Collaborative Networks.- Generic Mechanisms for Coordinating Operations and Sharing Financial Benefits in Collaborative Logistics.- Performance and Value - II.- Managing Performance to Align the Participants of Collaborative Networks: Case Studies Results.- Collaborative Assessment of Potential Value Generation in Development Projects.- A Collaborative Decision Support Method to Design Performance Evaluation Systems in CNOs.- Collaborative Work Environments.- A Privacy Enhancing Architecture for Collaborative Working Environments.- Collaborative Design System for Supporting Dynamic Virtual Enterprises.- Towards Controlling the Acceptance Factors for a Collaborative Platform in Engineering Design.- Learning and Collaboration.- Learning Collaboration Moderator Services: Supporting Knowledge Based Collaboration.- A High Level Architecture for Personalized Learning in Collaborative Networks.- Non-hierarchical Collaboration in Dynamic Business Communities.- Virtual Communities and Teams.- Knowledge Representation in Virtual Teams: A Perspective Approach for Synthetic Worlds.- Eigenvector Centrality Based on Shared Research Topics in a Scientific Community.- Security Awareness in Virtual Communities: The Case of Non-collocated Academic Research Collaborations.- Inter-Organisational Information Systems for CNs - I.- Inter-Organizational Information System Architecture: A Service-Oriented Approach.- Factors Affecting RFId Adoption in a Vertical Supply Chain: The Case of the Silk Industry in Italy.- Value Creation in Collaborative Networks: The Case of RFiD Implementation.- Inter-Organisational Information Systems for CNs - II.- Supporting Software Services' Trustworthiness in Collaborative Networks.- Supporting Software Services Discovery and Sharing in Collaborative Networks.- Methodology for Prior Evaluation of Interoperability.- Semantic Interoperability for VO - I.- Semantic Reconciliation in Interoperability Management through Model-Driven Approach.- Security, Privacy and Interoperability in Heterogeneous Systems.- From BPMN 2.0 to the Setting-Up on an ESB - Application to an Interoperability Problem.- Semantic Interoperability for VO - II.- Use of Ontology for Solving Interoperability Problems between Enterprises.- Building an Informal Ontology to Support Collaborative Network Operation: A Case Study.- Towards Business Ontologies Matching for Inter-Enterprise Collaboration Platform in a Lean Manufacturing Strategy.- Game Theory for CN.- An Educational Game in Collaborative Logistics.- Extending Networks of Collaboration to Multi-market Oligopolies.- The Application of Incentive Mechanisms for the Participation of Enterprises in Collaborative Networks from an Economic Perspective.

ISBN 3-642-15960-5

ISBN 978-3-642-15960-2

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