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Levine, Rick; Locke, Christopher; Searls, Doc; Weinberger, David; McKee, Jake; Rangaswami, J. P.; Gillmor, Dan

Cluetrain Manifesto. 10th Anniversary Edition (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Hachette Book Group USA, Juni 2011

298 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 209x139x25 mm

ISBN: 0465024092 EAN: 9780465024094

A new edition of the business classic for everyone navigating the wired marketplace

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Über den Autor

Rick Levine is the founder of Seth Ellis Chocolatier. He was previously Web Architect for Sun Microsystems' Java Software group. Christopher Locke blogs Mystic Bourgeoisie and Entropy Gradient Reversals from Boulder, Colorado. Doc Searls is Senior Editor of Linux Journal, and a fellow at Harvard's Berkman centre for Internet & Society. David Weinberger is a fellow at Harvard's Berkman centre and author of Everything Is Miscellaneous. Jake McKee is the principal and chief Ant Wrangler at Ant's Eye View, and he was previously global community relations specialist for the LEGO Company. JP Rangaswami is chief information officer of British Telecom's global IT services business. Dan Gillmor is the director of the Knight centre for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.


"Fast Company" "You might not agree with everything these Web provocateurs say...but you will ignore their ideas at your own peril." "Wall Street Journal" "The pretentious, strident and absolutely brilliant creation of four marketing gurus who have renounced marketing-as-usual." "Multichannel Merchant" "A book written early enough to not even contain the word 'blog, ' but more relevant now than ever." "The Gazette" (Montreal) "The reason [this book] is still so attractive for businesspeople is that the four authors are, primarily, tech guys...so their thoughts are pure, focused and very different from business-oriented authors." "Library Journal" "A weighty work that gets at the heart of the matter: the powerful impact the Internet has had and will continue to have." "The Star" (South Africa) "Almost 10 years ago [this] seminal book...set out to examine the challenges to business that the internet posed...Well into the first decade of the brave new 21st century, it is clear that the changes these prophets spoke of are irreversible." "Harvard Business Review" "While others work on turning the Internet into the perfect medium for reaching traditional business goals, these four Net-philes hope cyberspace will give commerce a 'human voice'" "The Miami Herald" "One of the best, most eye-opening books I ever read about marketing...as potent and relevant now as it was when it came out."

ISBN 0-465024-09-2, ISBN 0-46-502409-2, ISBN 0-46502-409-2, ISBN 0-465-02409-2, ISBN 0-4650-2409-2

ISBN 978-0-465024-09-4, ISBN 978-0-46-502409-4, ISBN 978-0-46502-409-4, ISBN 978-0-465-02409-4, ISBN 978-0-4650-2409-4

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