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English, Neil

Choosing and Using a Dobsonian Telescope (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer US, Juli 2011

232 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 57 black & white illustrations, 59 colour illustrations - 236x157x15 mm Book

ISBN: 1441987851 EAN: 9781441987853

In the 1960's, American amateur astronomer, John Dobson, designed a revolutionary kind of astronomical telescope featuring a lightweight large-aperture reflecting system on a simple mounting, using the then-revolutionary material called teflon. The design combines simplicity and portability with large-aperture prowess. Thirty years later Dobsonians remain supreme for visually observing faint deep-sky objects and are one of the best-selling large telescopes in the USA and Europe. This popularity is reflected in the recent increase of companies now heavily marketing Dobsonians, in particular, Meade (the "Lightbridge" range), Orion USA (XT Intelliscope series), and Skywatcher (Skyliner and Flextube models). This book is the ultimate guide to buying and using commercial Dobsonians, both 'Econo' and 'Primo' models, with in-depth accounts for the various models (plus accessories) on the market and descriptions of the many innovations that amateurs have made to optimize their telescopes' performance.

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A recent upsurge in sales of commercially-made Dobsonians make this book very timelyIncludes speculation on how Dobsonians will change and improve in the futureContains many practical and useful hints and tips from a variety of Dobsonian owners


Preface.- Part I: The Dobsonian Telescope.- Chapter 1: John Dobson, The Man and His Legacy.- Chapter 2: Know Thy Dob!.- Chapter 3: The Mini-Dobs.- Chapter 4: Getting Serious.- Chapter 5: The Planetary Dobs.- Chapter 6: The 12-inch to 16-inch Dobs.- Chapter 7: Different Strokes.- Chapter 8: Here Be Monsters!.- Part II: Using Your Dobsonian.- Chapter 9: Accessorizing Your Dob.- Chapter 10: Adjusting, Maintaining, and Testing Your Dob.- Chapter 11: Sketching and Imaging with Your Dob.- Chapter 12: Where Next, Columbus?.- Appendix A: References.- Appendix B: Useful Formula.- Appendix C: Glossary.- Index.

Über den Autor

Experienced observer and writer on astronomy, Neil English has enjoyed looking through and writing about Dobsonian telescopes of all vintages. A Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, Neil has been a regular contributor to Britain's Astronomy Now for over 15 years. His work has also appeared in Astronomy magazine and New Scientist. He holds a PhD. in biochemistry and a BSc in physics and astronomy. English is the also the author of the sister Springer title, Choosing and Using a Refracting Telescope. He observes from the dark skies of rural, central Scotland, where he lives with his wife and two young sons.


From the reviews:"If you are considering purchasing a Dobsonian telescope ... this book would be a very wise investment. 'Choosing and Using a Dobsonian Telescope' is split into 2 sections, Part One deals with choosing which Dob is most likely to satisfy your requirements, Part 2 progresses to using your Dob once you have taken ownership. ... this book is an absolute must. ... If, like me, you are not currently considering joining Dobson's revolution ... then this book is still a really enjoyable, interesting read." (Paul Rumsby, Best Astronomy Books, October, 2011)"This book opens with a brief history of the inventor of this simple telescope design ... followed by a study of the main elements of the scope. Like the rest of the book, this section is well-illustrated and the text is easy to follow. The main chapters feature thorough reviews of popular commercial examples, and the contributors combine quantitative date with qualitative experiences, which are invaluable. ... It is informative and successfully conveys the passion many astronomers feel for these impressive, yet affordable instruments." (Mark Parrish, Sky at Night Magazine, February, 2012)"This is a welcome addition ... and is equally useful to the first-time buyer of a Dobsonian telescope and the existing owner of an older instrument. ... the problems and challenges faced by photographers together with their solutions are a very useful guide to the subject. ... Whether you are looking for simplicity or wish to embrace modern technology this book gives you all the information you need to make the right choice and to get the most out of your observations." (Valerie Stoneham, The Observatory, Vol. 132 (1227), April, 2012)

ISBN 1-441987-85-1, ISBN 1-44-198785-1, ISBN 1-44198-785-1, ISBN 1-441-98785-1, ISBN 1-4419-8785-1

ISBN 978-1-441987-85-3, ISBN 978-1-44-198785-3, ISBN 978-1-44198-785-3, ISBN 978-1-441-98785-3, ISBN 978-1-4419-8785-3

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