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Attri, S. D. (Herausgeber); Rathore, L. S. (Herausgeber); Sivakumar, Mannava V. K. (Herausgeber); Dash, S. K. (Herausgeber)

Challenges and Opportunities in Agrometeorology (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, Oktober 2011

560 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 244x167x40 mm

ISBN: 3642193595 EAN: 9783642193590

The global food security and sustainable agriculture are the key challenges before the scientific community in the present era of enhanced climate variability, rapidly rising population and dwindling resources. No part of the world is immune from meteorological extremes of one sort or another posing threat to the food security. Agrometeorology has to make most efficient use of the opportunities available in achieving the objectives of enhancing productivity and maintenance of sustainability. Increased awareness and technological advancement have provided opportunities to develop efficient agrometeorological services that can help cope with risks. These include improvements in weather forecasting, better understanding of the monsoon variability and crop-weather relationships, advances in operational agrometeorology and agrometeorological information systems, adaptation strategies to climate change and improved risk evaluation and management. This book based on an International Workshop held in New Delhi, India should be of interest to all organizations and agencies interested in agrometeorological applications.

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Agrometeorological applications and services for increasing agricultural productivity Comprehensive introduction followed by regional case studies Better information on agrometeorological services and products


Modernization of Observation and Forecasting System in IMD in support of Agromet Services.- Monthly and Seasonal Indian Summer Monsoon Simulated by RegCM3 at High Resolutions.- Simulation of Heavy Rainfall in Association with Extreme Weather Events: Impact on Agriculture.- Representation of Uncertainties in Seasonal Monsoon Predictions using a Global Climate Model.- Intra Seasonal Variability of Rainfall in India on Regional Basis.- Assimilation of Surface Observations in a High Resolution WRF Model.- An Evaluation of the Simulation of Monthly to Seasonal Summer Monsoon Rainfall over India with a Coupled Ocean Atmosphere General Circulation Model (GloSea).- Prediction of Monsoon Variability and Subsequent Agricultural Production During El Ni?o/La Ni?a Periods.- Improved Seasonal Predictability Skill of the DEMETER Models for Central Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall.- Simulation of Indian Summer Monsoon Circulation with Regional Climate Model for ENSO and drought years over India.- Changes in Surface Temperature and Snow over the Western Himalaya under Doubling of CO2.- Simulation of Tornadoes over India using WRF-NMM model.- A Pilot Study on the Energetics Aspects of Stagnation in the Advance of Southwest Monsoon.- Integrated Agrometeorological Advisory Services in India.- South-west Monsoon Variability and its Impact on Dryland Productivity in Drought Affected Districts of Amravati Division in Maharashtra State.- Simulation of Growth and Yield Attributes of Wheat Genotypes under Changing Climate in Recent Years in India.- Strategies for Minimizing Crop Loss due to Pest and Disease Incidences by Adoption of Weather-based Plant Protection Techniques.- Climate-based Decision Support Tools for Agriculture.- Challenges in District Level Weather Forecasting for Tribal Region of Chhattisgarh State.- Agromet Information System for Farm Management.- Advanced INSAT Data Utilization for Meteorological Forecasting and Agrometeorological Applications.- Data Mining - a Tool in Support of Analysis of Rainfall on Spatial and Temporal Scale Associated with Low Pressure System Movement over Indian Region.- Information Systems as a Tool in Operational Agrometeorology : Applications to Irrigation Water Management in Emilia Romagna- Italy.- Impact of Climate Change on Crop Water Requirements and Adaptation Strategies.- Climate Change and its Impact on Wheat and Maize yield in Gujarat.- Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation for Drought Prone Areas in India.- Climate Change in Relation with Productivity of Rice and Wheat in Tarai Region of Uttarakhand.- Estimation of Wheat Productivity under Changing Climate in Plains Zones of Chhattisgarh Using Crop Simulation Model.- Impact of Climate Change on the Grape Productivity in the Southern Coast of the Crimea.- The Impact of Extreme Weather Events on Agriculture in the United States.- Inter-annual Variation of Fog, Mist, Haze and Smoke at Amritsar and its Impact on Agricultural Production.- Impact of Drought and Flood on Indian Food Grain Production.- Chinese Extreme Climate Events and Agricultural Meteorological Services.- Comparison of Sensible Heat Flux as measured by Surface Layer Scintillometer and Eddy Covariance Methods under Different Atmospheric Stability Conditions.- Crop Water Satisfaction Analysis for Maize TRIAL Sites in Makhado during the 2007/08 Season.- Prediction of Mungbean Phenology of Various Genotypes under Varying Dates of Sowing using Different Thermal.-Indices.- Effect of Thermal Regimes on Crop Growth, Development and Seed Yield of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.).- Stomatal Adaptation and Leaf Marker Accumulation Pattern from Altered Light Availability Regimes - A Field Study.- Comparative Study of Diurnal Rate of Photosynthesis at Various Levels of Carbon Dioxide Concentration for Different Crops.- Effect of Weather Variability on Growth Characteristics of Brassica Crop.- Agronomic Impacts of Climate Variability on Rice Production with Special Emphasis on Precipitation in South Western Plains of Uttarakhand Selection of Suitable Planting Method and Nutrient Management Techniques for Reducing Methane Flux from Rice Fields.- Operational Agrometeorological Strategies in Different Regions of the World.- Overview of the World Agrometeorological Information Service (WAMIS).- Analysis of Rainfall Variability and Characteristics of Rainfed Rice Condition in Eastern India

ISBN 3-642-19359-5

ISBN 978-3-642-19359-0

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