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Aschner, Michael (Herausgeber); Suñol, Cristina (Herausgeber); Bal-Price, Anna K. (Herausgeber)

Cell Culture Techniques (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Neuromethods 56

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Humana Press, September 2011

497 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 84 schwarz-weiße Abbildungen, 26 schwarz-weiße Tabellen - 267x187x38 mm Book

ISBN: 1617790761 EAN: 9781617790768

Societal, ethical, and cost-related issues, not to mention the need for sound scientific methods, have led to new and refined methods for the evaluation of health risks associated with neurotoxic compounds, relevant and predictive of exposure, relatively inexpensive, and ideally amenable to high throughput analysis and a reduction in animal use.  Cell Culture Techniques presents thorough traditional chapters, such as those on various cell culture methods that have evolved over the years, as well as innovative approaches to neurotoxicologic testing.  Accordingly, this detailed volume describes how stem cells, computational biology, and other novel powerful methods can now be applied to address the challenges of neurotoxic testing.  As part of the Neuromethods series, this work provides the kind of intensive description and implementation advice that is crucial for getting optimal results in the laboratory. Practical and authoritative, Cell Culture Techniques serves both the novice and the experienced neurotoxicologist by inspiring the further development of mechanistically-driven, cost-effective, high throughput series of tests needed to meet the many contemporary challenges.

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Facilitates the study of adverse changes in the developing and mature brain alikeFeatures classic as well as innovative new approaches to neurotoxicologic testingAids in the reduction of the necessity of animal testing


1. Guidance on Good Cell Culture Practice (GCCP)            Anna Bal-Price and Sandra Coecke 2. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs): An Emerging Model System for the Study of Human Neurotoxicology            M. Diana Neely, Andrew M. Tidball, Asad A. Aboud, Kevin C. Ess, and Aaron B. Bowman 3. Neural Stem Cells            Roshan Tofighi, Christoffer Tamm, Michaela Moors, and Sandra Ceccatelli 4. Primary Cultures for Neurotoxicity Testing            Carme Solà, Rosa Cristòfol, Cristina Suñol, and Coral Sanfeliu 5. Preparation and Use of Serum-Free Aggregating Brain Cell Cultures for Routine Neurotoxicity Screening            Paul Honegger and Marie-Gabrielle Zurich 6. Cell Culture to Investigate Neurotoxicity and Neurodegeneration Utilizing Caenorhabditis elegans            Michelle L. Tucci, Guy A. Caldwell, and Kim A. Caldwell 7. Modeling the Blood-Brain Barrier            Marie-Pierre Dehouck, Elodie Vandenhaute, Lucie Dehouck, Emmanuel Sevin, Anne-Marie Lenfant, Yannick Delplace, Dorothée Hallier-Vanuxeem, Maxime Culot, and Roméo Cecchelli 8. In vitro Models of the Blood-Cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier and Their Use in Neurotoxicological Research            Nathalie Strazielle and Jean-François Ghersi-Egea 9. Introducing Cloned Genes into Cultured Neurons Providing Novel In vitro Models for Neuropathology and Neurotoxicity Studies            Marcelo Farina, Jordi Berenguer, Sebastián Pons, João Batista Teixeira da Rocha, and Michael Aschner 10. P19 Embryonic Carcinoma Cell Line: A Model To Study Gene-Environment Interactions            Joseph Bressler, Cliona O'Driscoll, Cathleen Marshall, and Walter Kaufmann 11. Signal Transduction and Neurotoxicity: What Can We Learn from Experimental Culture Systems?            Lucio G. Costa, Gennaro Giordano, and Marina Guizzetti 12. Neurite Degeneration in Human Neuronal SH-SY5Y Cells as an Indicator of Axonopathy            Anna Forsby 13. The Use of Differentiating N2a and C6 Cell Lines for Studies of Organophosphate Toxicity            Alan J. Hargreaves, Magda Sachana, and John Flaskos 14. Assessing Toxic Injuries of Experimental Therapeutics to the Crystalline Lens Using Lens Explant Culture            Michael D. Aleo 15. Necrosis, Apoptosis, and Autophagy: Mechanisms of Neuronal and Glial Cell Death            Michael Fricker and Aviva M. Tolkovsky 16. Inflammation and Reactive Oxygen/Nitrogen Species in Glial/Neuronal Cultures            Jonas J. Neher, Guy C. Brown, Agnieszka Kinsner-Ovaskainen, and Anna Bal-Price 17. Neuronal Oxidative Injury and Biomarkers of Lipid Peroxidation            Dejan Milatovic and Michael Aschner 18. Analysis of Protein Targets by Oxidative Stress Using the Oxyblot and Biotin-Avidin-Capture Methodology            Jeannette N. Stankowski, Simona G. Codreanu, Daniel C. Liebler, and BethAnn McLaughlin 19. Catecholaminergic Cell Lines for the Study of Dopamine Metabolism and Neurotoxicity            Juan Segura-Aguilar 20. 13C NMR Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Intermediary Metabolism in Cultured Neural Cells            Ursula Sonnewald, Arne Schousboe, and Helle S. Waagepetersen 21. Culture Models for the Study of Amino Acid Transport and Metabolism            Marta Sidoryk-Wegrzynowicz and Michael Aschner 22. Neurotransmitter Transporters and Anticonvulsant Drug Development            Arne Schousboe, Karsten K. Madsen, and H. Steve White 23. Ion Channel Electrophysiology in Cultured Neurons            Toshio Narahashi 24. Neurotoxicity Assessment by Recording Electrical Activity from Neuronal Networks on Microelectrode Array Neurochips            Dieter G. Weiss 25. GABAA Receptor Binding and Ion Channel Function in Primary Neuronal Cultures for Neuropharmacology/Neurotoxicity Testing            Cristina Suñol and Daniel A. García

ISBN 1-617790-76-1, ISBN 1-61-779076-1, ISBN 1-61779-076-1, ISBN 1-617-79076-1, ISBN 1-6177-9076-1

ISBN 978-1-617790-76-8, ISBN 978-1-61-779076-8, ISBN 978-1-61779-076-8, ISBN 978-1-617-79076-8, ISBN 978-1-6177-9076-8

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