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Rand, Glenn M.; Broughton, Chris; Quintenz-Fiedler, Amanda

Mastering Capture Digital Photography Essentials (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Rocky Nook, Rocky Nook, Inc., April 2011

250 S. - Sprache: Englisch - Illustrations - 257x207x25 mm

ISBN: 1933952725 EAN: 9781933952727

The beginning of the photographic process significantly affects the final outcome of an image - a fact that remains as true for digital photography as it is for film. To create a good digital image or negative, exposure is required. Capture: Digital Photography Essentials concentrates on photography from a digital-capture workflow point of view. The text addresses both the opportunities and limitations of digital photography, and teaches you how to make the most of the opportunities and work around the limitations. Authors Glenn Rand, Christopher Broughton, and Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler discuss the digital tools that allow photographers to capture, create, and maintain high-quality digital photographs. You will learn to maximize the potential of your images as you gain an understanding of the core principles and more advanced aspects of the digital photographic process. Throughout the text you will find various projects that are based on tested teaching concepts for digital photography, as well as numerous images that are both inspirational and instructional. Topics include: - Digital cameras - Sensors and lenses - Basic exposure - Digital exposure - Digital capture workflow - Image files - Parametric editing - Digital zone system - HDRI - Hybrid imaging - Capture technology

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- The book concentrates on making the best exposures by controlling the input portion of the digital photographic process rather than postproduction. - Will age well since it is not tied to rapidly changing software. - Includes great images from many well-known photographers. - Written as a collaboration by three instructors from one the the nation's top photography schools.

Über den Autor

Glenn Rand is an artist with internationally acceptance. His photographs are in the collections of more than two dozen museums and public collection in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Included are the Detroit Institute of Art and the Kresge Art Center. He has also exhibited widely throughout the United States. Glenn has published and lectured extensively about photography and digital imaging ranging from commercial aesthetics to the technical fine points of black and white photography. Books written include Black and White Photography and Digital Photographic Capture. Presently, Dr. Rand is the program director of the graduate program at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Christopher Broughton, has been a faculty member of Brooks Institute since 1996. Prior to becoming a full-time faculty member he served as Director of Laboratory Operations while completing his Masters of Science degree at Brooks Institute. Also in 1996, he served as faculty for University of Pittsburgh's Semester of Sea program. Broughton has authored articles in Petersen's Photographic, Outdoor Photographer, PC Photo, and in Studio Photographer and Design Magazines. He has been a featured lecturer for Hasselbald USA and Eastman Kodak. His photographs are exhibited and represented by Four Friends Gallery in Thousand Oaks, CA and can be seen on his website http://www.christopherbroughton.com www.christopherbroughton.com. Broughton was responsible for revamping Brooks Institute's introductory photo class to be digitally-based. He has been active in working on digital capture, workflow, and output since it was introduced into the photographic workflow. Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler is a writer, photographer, and educator. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Purdue University in 2000 with a major in Interdisciplinary Film Studies and minors in Photography, English, and Math. She went on to pursue a MFA in Photography from Brooks Institute, graduating in 2009. Her MFA culminating project, American Narcissism, was a visual and verbal examination of modern American attitudes. She has written articles regarding photographers, digital fine art theory, and fine art education for publications such as Rangefinder, Digital Photo Pro, Photographers Forum, and the Photo Imaging Education Association (PIEA) Journal.

ISBN 1-933952-72-5, ISBN 1-93-395272-5, ISBN 1-93395-272-5, ISBN 1-933-95272-5, ISBN 1-9339-5272-5

ISBN 978-1-933952-72-7, ISBN 978-1-93-395272-7, ISBN 978-1-93395-272-7, ISBN 978-1-933-95272-7, ISBN 978-1-9339-5272-7

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