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Gastin, Paul (Herausgeber); Laroussinie, Francois (Herausgeber)

CONCUR 2010 - Concurrency Theory 21th International Conference, CONCUR 2010, Paris, France, August 31-September 3, 2010, Proceedings (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6269

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, August 2010

600 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 243x158x38 mm

ISBN: 3642153747 EAN: 9783642153747

This volume contains the proceedings of the 21st Conference on C- currency Theory (CONCUR 2010), held in Paris, at Universit¿eDenis Diderot, August 31-September 3, 2010. CONCUR 2010 was organized by CNRS, INRIA, ENS Cachan and the Universit¿eDenisDiderot. The purpose of the CONCUR conference is to bring together researchers, developers, and students in order to advance the theory of concurrency and promote its applications. The principal topics include basic models of concurrency such as abstract machines, domain theoretic models, game theoretic models, process algebras, and Petri nets; logics for concurrency such as modal logics, probabilistic and stochastic logics, temporal logics, and resource logics; models of specialized systems such as biology-inspired systems, circuits, hybrid systems, mobile and collabo- tive systems, multi-core processors, probabilistic systems, real-time s- tems, service-oriented computing, and synchronous systems; veri?cation and analysis techniques for concurrent systems such as abstract int- pretation, atomicity checking, model checking, race detection, pre-order and equivalence checking, run-time veri?cation, state-space exploration, static analysis, synthesis, testing, theorem proving, and type systems; - lated programming models such as distributed, component-based, obje- oriented, and Web services. This edition of the conference attracted 107 submissions. We wish to thank all their authors for their interest in CONCUR 2010. After careful discussions, the Program Committee selected 35 papers for presentation at the conference. Each submission was refereed by three reviewers, who delivered detailed and insightful comments and suggestions.

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Up to date results Fast conference proceedings State-of-the-art report


Dating Concurrent Objects: Real-Time Modeling and Schedulability Analysis.- Applications of Shellable Complexes to Distributed Computing.- Concurrency and Composition in a Stochastic World.- Taming Distributed Asynchronous Systems.- Trust in Anonymity Networks.- Learning I/O Automata.- Constrained Monotonic Abstraction: A CEGAR for Parameterized Verification.- Information Flow in Interactive Systems.- From Multi to Single Stack Automata.- A Geometric Approach to the Problem of Unique Decomposition of Processes.- A Logic for True Concurrency.- A Theory of Design-by-Contract for Distributed Multiparty Interactions.- Bisimilarity of One-Counter Processes Is PSPACE-Complete.- Nash Equilibria for Reachability Objectives in Multi-player Timed Games.- Stochastic Real-Time Games with Qualitative Timed Automata Objectives.- Session Types as Intuitionistic Linear Propositions.- Session Types for Access and Information Flow Control.- Simulation Distances.- Mean-Payoff Automaton Expressions.- Obliging Games.- Multipebble Simulations for Alternating Automata.- Parameterized Verification of Ad Hoc Networks.- Termination in Impure Concurrent Languages.- Buffered Communication Analysis in Distributed Multiparty Sessions.- Efficient Bisimilarities from Second-Order Reaction Semantics for ?-Calculus.- On the Use of Non-deterministic Automata for Presburger Arithmetic.- Reasoning about Optimistic Concurrency Using a Program Logic for History.- Theory by Process.- On the Compositionality of Round Abstraction.- A Linear Account of Session Types in the Pi Calculus.- Generic Forward and Backward Simulations II: Probabilistic Simulation.- Kleene, Rabin, and Scott Are Available.- Reversing Higher-Order Pi.- Modal Logic over Higher Dimensional Automata.- A Communication Based Model for Games of Imperfect Information.- Flat Coalgebraic Fixed Point Logics.- Conditional Automata: A Tool for Safe Removal of Negligible Events.- Representations of Petri Net Interactions.- Communicating Transactions.- Consistent Correlations for Parameterised Boolean Equation Systems with Applications in Correctness Proofs for Manipulations.

ISBN 3-642-15374-7

ISBN 978-3-642-15374-7

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