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Orlovskaya, Nina (Herausgeber); Lugovy, Mykola (Herausgeber)

Boron-Rich Solids: Sensors for Biological and Chemical Detection Sensors, Ultra High Temperature Ceramics, Thermoelectrics, Armor (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Netherland, Oktober 2010

330 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 243x165x33 mm

ISBN: 9048198178 EAN: 9789048198177

The objective of this book is to discuss the current status of research and development of boron-rich solids as sensors, ultra-high temperature ceramics, thermoelectrics, and armor. Novel biological and chemical sensors made of stiff and light-weight boron-rich solids are very exciting and efficient for applications in medical diagnoses, environmental surveillance and the detection of pathogen and biological/chemical terrorism agents. Ultra-high temperature ceramic composites exhibit excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance for hypersonic vehicle applications. Boron-rich solids are also promising candidates for high-temperature thermoelectric conversion. Armor is another very important application of boron-rich solids, since most of them exhibit very high hardness, which makes them perfect candidates with high resistance to ballistic impact. The following topical areas are presented: .Boron-rich solids: science and technology .Synthesis and sintering strategies of boron rich solids .Microcantilever sensors .Screening of the possible boron-based thermoelectric conversion materials; .Ultra-high temperature ZrB2 and HfB2 based composites .Magnetic, transport and high-pressure properties of boron-rich solids .Restrictions of the sensor dimensions for chemical detection .Armor

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Wide-range topics devoted to boron-rich solids: from technology to applications The most advanced topics Well-known authors in the topics considered


Contributing Authors.- Preface.- Acknowledgment.- Boron Carbide/Boron Carbide - Carbon Nanofibers Laminates with Weak Interfaces.- All Ceramic Cantilever Sensors With Boron Carbide Layer: Advantages And Dimensional Limitations; M. Lugovy.- Raman Effect In Boron And Boron-Rich Compounds.- Experimentally Founded Charge Transport Model For Icosahedral Boron-Rich Solids.- Magnetic And Thermoelectric Properties Of Boron-Rich Solids.- Scratch Studies in Boron-Rich Lightweight and Ultrahigh Temperature Ceramic.- The Electronic Properties Of Metal Borides And Borocarbides. Differences And Similarities.-Investigation of Hard Boron-rich Solids: Osmium Diboride and ¿-rhombohedral Boronc.- Elastic and Vibration Properties of Boron - Carbon Ultra Hard Materials.- Processing and Properties of Ultra-refractory Composites Based on Zr- and Hf-borides: State of the Art and Perspectives.- Behavior of Boron Doped Graphites and Boron Carbide under Ion Beam and Plasma Irradiation.-Vibrational Spectroscopy of Adsorbates on the (111) and (100) Surfaces of Lanthanum Hexaboride.- Zirconium Dodecaboride, a Novel Superconducting Material with Enhanced Surface Characteristics.- Boron under Pressure: Phase Diagram and Novel High-pressure Phase.- Behavior Of The Crystalline Boron Carbide Coating Under Tokamak Conditions.- Electron Structure, Transport, and Superconducting Properties of ZrB12, ZrB2, YB6 and MgB2.- Densification, Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Ultrafine SiC Particle - Dispersed ZrB2 Matrix Composites.- Mechanochemically Driven Syntheses of Boride Nanomaterials.-Vibrational Properties Of Zr(Hf)B2-Sic Uhtc Composites By Micro-Raman Spectroscopy.- Synthesis and Sintering Strategies of Boron-Rich Solids.- Field-Assisted Densification Of Superhard B6o Materials With Y2o3/Al2o3 Addition.

ISBN 9-048198-17-8, ISBN 9-04-819817-8, ISBN 9-04819-817-8, ISBN 9-048-19817-8, ISBN 9-0481-9817-8

ISBN 978-9-048198-17-7, ISBN 978-9-04-819817-7, ISBN 978-9-04819-817-7, ISBN 978-9-048-19817-7, ISBN 978-9-0481-9817-7

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