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Apers, Chris; Paterson, Daniel

Beginning iPhone and iPad Web Apps Scripting with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Apress, APRESS, Dezember 2010

1st ed - 512 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 234x192x30 mm Book

ISBN: 1430230452 EAN: 9781430230458

This book will help you join the thousands of successful iPhone apps developers without needing to learn Objective-C or the Cocoa touch APIs. If you want to apply your existing web development skills to iPhone and iPad development, then now you can. WebKit's support for HTML5 means any web developer can create compelling apps for both the iPhone and the larger-screen iPad. Beginning iPhone & iPad Web Apps takes you through the latest mobile web standards as well as the specific features of the iPhone and iPad. You'll learn about WebKit and Mobile Safari, HTML5 and CSS3, vector graphics and multimedia support. You'll discover the built-in hardware features of the iPhone and iPad and how best to take advantage of them. The market for web apps for the iPhone and iPad is expanding rapidly. You'll want to know about all the advantages, and Beginning iPhone & iPad Web Apps is the perfect starting point.

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Everything a web professional needs to stay ahead in the hot area of iPhone and iPad web app development.


Development Tools Development Environment Introducing Developer and Debugging Tools The Anatomy of a Web Application User Experience and Interface Guidelines Interesting CSS Features for Your Web Application User Interface Bitmap and Vector Graphics and Downloadable Fonts with Canvas and SVG Embedding Audio and Video Content in Your Web Application Handling Transformations, Animations, and Special Effects with CSS An Object-Oriented JavaScript Programming Primer Cross-Document Communication Ajax and Dynamic Content Using Touch and Gesture Events Location-Aware Web Applications A Better Handling of Client-Side Data Storage

Über den Autor

Chris Apers has more than 13 years experience in web technologies and mobile development, including the PalmOS, webOS, and iPhone. He is a technical manager and architect at Newsweb/Lagard re Active and participates in open source projects such as porting development libraries and software to mobile devices. With the creation of the open source framework WebApp.Net, he provides an easy way to create mobile content targeting WebKit browsers. For more, visit www.webapp-net.com and www.chrilith.com.

ISBN 1-430230-45-2, ISBN 1-43-023045-2, ISBN 1-43023-045-2, ISBN 1-430-23045-2, ISBN 1-4302-3045-2

ISBN 978-1-430230-45-8, ISBN 978-1-43-023045-8, ISBN 978-1-43023-045-8, ISBN 978-1-430-23045-8, ISBN 978-1-4302-3045-8

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