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Piper, Katie

Beautiful A beautiful girl. An evil man. One inspiring true story of courage (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Ebury Publishing, Februar 2011

320 S. - Sprache: Englisch - Illustrations - 196x129x22 mm

ISBN: 0091940761 EAN: 9780091940768

Piper tells the inside story of the horrific rape and acid attack she endured at the hands of Daniel Lynch, a man she met on Facebook. Aged 24, Piper was young and beautiful, with a career as a model and TV presenter. Lynch held her captive for 8 hours and threw acid in her face. Her documentary "My Beautiful Face" was watched by 3.5m people on Channel 4.

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A harrowing but ultimately inspiring memoir of how one girl's beautiful face and spirit was destroyed after a vicious acid attack

Über den Autor

Born in Hampshire in 1983, Katie Piper refuses to let anything stand in her way. Since being the victim of an acid attack she has been more courageous than ever. Her Cutting Edge documentary Katie: My Beautiful Face won her a BAFTA nomination and was shown in 15 different countries around the world. In December 2009, she was selected to present Channel 4's Alternative Christmas Message. In Spring 2011, Katie also appeared in her Channel 4 show Katie: My Beautiful Friends. Katie now runs her own charity. The Katie Piper Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of burns victims and other disfigurement injuries. The charity also campaigns for the specialist treatment Katie received to become widely available in the UK, www.katiepiperfoundation.org.uk.


"Katie's account of her experiences is unflinching, but marked with a deeply impressive dignity and courage." Daily Mail "Read Beautiful and you will be angered, moved and inspired. Above all, you will be in awe of Katie Piper." Sunday Express "[Katie Piper} relives her story, movingly showing us that beauty really is more than skin deep." Woman 20110308 "heart-wrenching... truly inspiring..." Glamour 20110401

ISBN 0-091940-76-1, ISBN 0-09-194076-1, ISBN 0-09194-076-1, ISBN 0-091-94076-1, ISBN 0-0919-4076-1

ISBN 978-0-091940-76-8, ISBN 978-0-09-194076-8, ISBN 978-0-09194-076-8, ISBN 978-0-091-94076-8, ISBN 978-0-0919-4076-8

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