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Schilling, Govert

Atlas of Astronomical Discoveries (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer US, Mai 2011

234 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 200 farbige Abbildungen - 309x258x25 mm

ISBN: 1441978100 EAN: 9781441978103

Offers a unique combination of informative text, magnificent illustrations and stylish design Examines the 100 most important discoveries since the invention of the telescope Features spectacular photographs, taken with the largest telescopes on Earth and in space, that portray distant corners of the universe Author Govert Schilling is a renowned astronomy journalist and science communicator In his Atlas of Astronomical Discoveries, astronomy journalist Govert Schilling tells the story of 400 years of telescopic astronomy. He looks at the 100 most important discoveries since the invention of the telescope. Doing what Schilling does best, he takes the reader on an adventure through both space and time. Photographs and amazing pictures line the pages of this book, offering the reader an escape from this world and an invitation to a world far beyond what the unaided human eye can detect.

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The Atlas of Astronomical Discoveries offers a unique combination of informative text, magnificent illustrations and stylish design100 important discoveries described alongside beautiful astronomy photosThe author, Govert Schilling is a renowned astronomy journalist and science communicator


The Dawn of Astronomy.- New Insights and Cosmic Laws.- Juggling Stars in a 3-D Circus.- Messengers of Major Theoretical Breakthroughs.- A Pinch of Star Dust in the Evolving Universe.- Revolutionary Discoveries in the Mysterious Cosmos.

Über den Autor

Govert Schilling (1956) is the Netherlands' most renowned astronomy journalist. He has written nearly fifty books on a wide variety of astronomical subjects. For lecture bookings, please contact Govert at: [email protected]


From the reviews:"The Atlas of Astronomical Discoveries is a timeline book with a difference. ... it's a truly handsome book, illustrated in full colour on very high quality paper, making it more like a coffee table book ... . Schilling has done a fine job, and in the process has written a delightful book which has something for everyone interested in astronomy ... . Sooo, if you want a book that will lead you through the history of astronomy ... this is definitely a book you'll enjoy." (Cumbrian Sky, July, 2011)"Atlas of Astronomical Discoveries takes one hundred of the most significant ... breakthroughs and tells the story behind the science. ... provide the reader with brief snapshots of the most spectacular Astronomical discoveries since the invention of the telescope, in a format that is comfortable both visually and in prose. ... Just an enjoyable book that you will pick up from time to time and wonder at Galileo's excitement observing mountains on the moon for the very first time ... ." (Best Astronomy Books Newsletter, September/October, 2011)"A large-format hardback with lavishly printed full-page photographs ... . Each item is illustrated with a high-quality picture and a page of text. ... a source for facts and more a repository to scan for your own stunning discoveries." (Kate Oliver, Sky at Night Magazine, October, 2011)"If you like your astronomical history delivered in a visually appealing fashion, you need look no further than the Atlas of Astronomical Discoveries, a new book by Dutch astronomy journalist Govert Schilling. ... Each breakthrough is presented in a two-page spread, with one full page devoted to a gorgeous color photograph, brought to us by the finest astronomical instruments available to us today, and a second page devoted to two columns of text, with space allotted for a smaller illustration." (Naomi Pasachoff, IAU Commission 46, Issue 75, October, 2011)"Govert Schilling has put together a really fine catalogue charting the major astronomical discoveries from 1609 to 2008 and I am pleased that there are some wonderful large colourful images to support it. ... The book will appeal to the beginner as well as the serious amateur. It has a light unpretentious prose that will captivate readers of all ages and levels of interest. It will also make an ideal gift that will not collect dust on the coffee table or on a bookshelf."­­­ (Ian Welland, Astronomy Now, December, 2011)"A must-have for stargazers, this book explains and illustrates astronomy's biggest milestones through breathtaking telescope and satellite photos." (Valerie Ross, Discover Magazine, January, 2012)"This large-format book is well organized and entertaining. ... presents, in chronological order, 100 significant astronomical discoveries, beginning with Galileo's discovery in 1609 of mountains on the moon--the first astronomical use of the newly invented telescope. ... Each entry is presented on two facing pages, with a large color image filling one page and a smaller image inset on the text page. ... fine book for browsing, and the index enables quick lookups. ... Summing Up: Recommended. Lower- and upper-division undergraduates and general readers." (M. Dickinson, Choice, Vol. 49 (4), December, 2011)"This new book by prolific Dutch astronomy journalist Govert Schilling is a magnificent hybrid ... . Lavishly illustrated in a way that is increasingly rare in this post-economic-meltdown age, the book might also be called 'A History of Astronomy from Galileo to Today in 100 Nutshells.' The book is divided into five sections ... . I commend not only the author but also the publisher ... for making such a beautiful book available to the public for such a reasonable price." (Naomi Pasachoff, Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage, Vol. 11 (3), 2011)"Open this impressive book at random, and there's a full-page colour image facing a page of text, which describes an astronomical discovery. ... Schilling is an experienced science writer, and his text is a pleasure to read. The book was originally published in Dutch, but has been translated into almost flawless English ... . this is a splendid picture-book, and the text should intrigue and enlighten anyone with even a passing interest in astronomy." (Fiona Vincent, The Observatory, Vol. 132 (1226), February, 2012)

ISBN 1-441978-10-0, ISBN 1-44-197810-0, ISBN 1-44197-810-0, ISBN 1-441-97810-0, ISBN 1-4419-7810-0

ISBN 978-1-441978-10-3, ISBN 978-1-44-197810-3, ISBN 978-1-44197-810-3, ISBN 978-1-441-97810-3, ISBN 978-1-4419-7810-3

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