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Todorov, Michail D. (Herausgeber); Christov, Christo I. (Herausgeber)

Application of Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: AIP Conference Proceedings / M 1301

SPRINGER NATURE, American Institute of Physics, AIP Press, Dezember 2010

2010 - 681 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 235x167x41 mm

ISBN: 0735408564 EAN: 9780735408562

The main goal of this series of conferences is to bring together experts and prominent scientists to foster the exchange of views and experience, as well as to discuss the modern trends in application of mathematics in various fields of engineering, physics, chemistry, economics, biology, etc. The scientific program of the 2nd edition of the conference included 90 presentations. A number of world renowned specialists delivered plenary and keynote lectures. In addition to the regular sessions of invited and submitted talks, one minisymposium, two special and one poster session provided diversity to the AMiTaNS'10 program. In addition, the various social activities during the event helped create new personal contacts and laid the foundations of future collaborations. During the reviewing process, fruitful exchange ensued between the contributors, editors, and anonymous reviewers, which helped the authors to improve essentially their contributions. The result of this interaction is the presented here volume of circa 700 pages. The editors hope that publishing these proceedings will serve to promote the application of mathematics in various fields. A wide spectrum of professionals will find something interesting in the rich collection of papers of 2nd Conference on Application of Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences (AMiTaNS'10).

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AIP Conference Proceedings report findings presented at many of the most important scientific meetings around the world Published proceedings are valuable as topical status reports providing quick access to information before it appears in the traditional journal literature

ISBN 0-735408-56-4, ISBN 0-73-540856-4, ISBN 0-73540-856-4, ISBN 0-735-40856-4, ISBN 0-7354-0856-4

ISBN 978-0-735408-56-2, ISBN 978-0-73-540856-2, ISBN 978-0-73540-856-2, ISBN 978-0-735-40856-2, ISBN 978-0-7354-0856-2

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