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Faupel, Adrian; Herrick, Elizabeth; Sharp, Peter M.

Anger Management A Practical Guide (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Taylor & Francis Ltd, November 2010

2 Revised edition - 144 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 21 black & white illustrations - 296x210x12 mm

ISBN: 0415580714 EAN: 9780415580717

This fully updated new edition provides information, insight and strategies for understanding and managing anger more effectively. With specific ideas for working with children provided, as well as helpful photocopies of resources, this book will prove invaluable to teachers as well as parents, carers, psychologist, social workers and health care workers.

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Preface Section I: What is Anger? 1. Introduction 2. Perspectives on Anger 3. What Doe Anger Do to You? 4. What Do We Do With Anger? Section II: Planning To Avoid the Storm 5. Managing Systems 6. Managing Ourselves 7. Managing Children and Young People Section III: The Fireworks 8. Working with Angry Children 9. The Explosion 10. The Aftermath Section IV: Practical Applications 11. Help for Parents and Carers

Über den Autor

Adrian Faupel is Professional and Academic Tutor to the Doctorate in Educational Psychology at the University of Southampton, UK. Elizabeth Herrick is a Consultant Psychologist for Children's Services in Southampton Local Authority, UK. Peter Sharp is Chief Executive at the Centre for Workforce Intelligence (Department of Health) and Director of Learning and Wellbeing at Mouchel Management and Consulting, UK.


'The book does prescisely what it says in the title - there are lots of practical ideas you can use immediately for working with children who have difficulties managing anger...Have used this in INSET and teachers said they learned something about themselves too! There is just the right amount of theory, which allows the reader to fully understand responses in inappropriate behaviour rather than applying quick fix strategies which have only a short term effect...In my view this is an absolute must for all primary and secondary teachers/SENCos- buy this and you may find yourself ditching those star charts forever!!' - Customer Review, Amazon

ISBN 0-415580-71-4, ISBN 0-41-558071-4, ISBN 0-41558-071-4, ISBN 0-415-58071-4, ISBN 0-4155-8071-4

ISBN 978-0-415580-71-7, ISBN 978-0-41-558071-7, ISBN 978-0-41558-071-7, ISBN 978-0-415-58071-7, ISBN 978-0-4155-8071-7

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