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McNair, Brian

An Introduction to Political Communication (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Communication and Society 5

Taylor & Francis Ltd., März 2011

5th Revised edition. - 272 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 2 black & white tables, 8 black & white halftones, 2 black & white line drawings - 232x157x18 mm

ISBN: 0415596440 EAN: 9780415596442

5th edition. Covers the 2008 US election, and the 2010 UK election, through new technology.

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List of illustrations. Preface and Acknowledgements. Preface to the Fifth Edition Part 1: Politics in the Age of Mediation 1. Politics in the Age of Mediation 2. Politics, Democracy and the Media 3. The Effects of Political Communication 4. The Political Media 5. The Media as Political Actors Part 2: Communicating Politics 6. Party Political Communication I: Advertising 7. Party Political Communication II: Political Public Relations 8. Pressure-Group Politics and the Oxygen of Publicity 9. Political Communication in a Globalised World 10. Conclusion: Performance Politics and the Democratic Process. Notes. Bibliography. Index

Über den Autor

Brian McNair is Professor of Journalism, Media & Communication at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. He has authored many books and articles on political media, including Journalists in Film (2010), News and Journalism in the UK (fifth edition, 2009), Mediated Access (2003), Journalism and Democracy (2000) and The Sociology of Journalism (1998).


"Written in a lucid and articulate manner, the book outlines the key themes for students. The key aspects of political communication are all included and explained in a detailed manner. There are plenty of examples to illustrate the key points." Jacqui Briggs, University of Lincoln, UK "One of the main strengths of this book is that it is written in a highly accessible style. There is a good balance between academic theory and the more empirical discussion of recent trends in contemporary political communication. The text also provides some valuable historical background on key developments, such as the rise of TV." Paul Smith, De Montfort University, UK

ISBN 0-415596-44-0, ISBN 0-41-559644-0, ISBN 0-41559-644-0, ISBN 0-415-59644-0, ISBN 0-4155-9644-0

ISBN 978-0-415596-44-2, ISBN 978-0-41-559644-2, ISBN 978-0-41559-644-2, ISBN 978-0-415-59644-2, ISBN 978-0-4155-9644-2

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