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De Neufville, Richard L.; Odoni, Amedeo R.; Belobaba, Peter; Reynolds, Tom G.

Airport Systems: Planning, Design and Management (Gebundene Ausgabe)

McGraw-Hill Education Ltd, Juli 2013

2. Auflage - 816 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 236x156x53 mm

ISBN: 0071770585 EAN: 9780071770583

"With the accelerated rate of change occurring throughout the aviation industry, this edition is a timely and very effective resource for ensuring both airport professionals and those interested in airports acquire a comprehensive understanding of the changes taking place, and how they impact airports and the communities they serve. A must read." -- James M. Crites, Executive Vice President of Operations, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport"Airport Systems has been a must read for my management team and my graduate students because of its outstanding comprehensiveness and clarity. Now further enhanced by an expanded treatment of both environmental and air carrier issues, it promises to retain its placeas the foremost text in the airport planning, engineering and management field." -- Dr. Lloyd McCoomb, retired CEO Toronto-Pearson Airport, Chair of Canadian Air Transport Security Authority"The chapter on Dynamic Strategic Planning should be required reading for every airport CEO and CFO. As de Neufville and Odoni emphasise, the aviation world is constantly changing and airport master planning must evolve to be more strategic and adaptable to ever changing conditions." -- Dr. Michael Tretheway, Chief Economist, InterVISTAS Consulting GroupOver the past decade, the airport industry has evolved considerably. Airport technology has changed. New research has taken place. The major airlines have consolidated, changing demand for airport services. In order to reflect these and other major shifts in the airport industry, some of the world's leading professionals have updated the premier text on airport design - making it, now more than ever, the field's most comprehensive resource of its kind.NEW TO THIS EDITION:Chapter-ending conclusions, with reference material, and exercisesCoverage of the latest aircraft technology and air traffic controlAdvances in the design, planning, and management of airportsAdditional chapter on Aircraft Impact on AirportsUpdated environmental regulations and international rulesTwo contributing authors from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Part 1: IntroductionPart 2: Systems Planning, Design, and ManagementPart 3: AirsidePart 4: LandsidePart 5: Reference Material

Über den Autor

McGraw-Hill authors represent the leading experts in their fields and are dedicated to improving the lives, careers, and interests of readers worldwide

ISBN 0-071770-58-5, ISBN 0-07-177058-5, ISBN 0-07177-058-5, ISBN 0-071-77058-5, ISBN 0-0717-7058-5

ISBN 978-0-071770-58-3, ISBN 978-0-07-177058-3, ISBN 978-0-07177-058-3, ISBN 978-0-071-77058-3, ISBN 978-0-0717-7058-3

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