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[Rhinoplasty] -

Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction Art and Practice 2 Vol.

Wellnes & Education, 2018. figs., tabs., 1875 pages hard bound EAN: 9781619565432 (ISBN: 1619565439)

A nasal reconstruction authority shows you how to obtain the best outcomes and repair unsatisfactory results from former surgeries. In addition to presenting the latest principles and techniques, this new resource also examines evolving concepts and methods, keeping you at the forefront of today?s practice. The book emphasizes the restoration of nasal defects?from simple to complex?and achieving normal appearance and function. Comprehensive coverage of all nasal injuries and available surgical methods both cutting edge as well as older, established approaches?help you choose the best approach for each patient and situation. Full-color clinical photos offer real-life clinical views of conditions and techniques in action as well as providing hints and tips for obtaining optimal surgical outcomes. A photographic Table of Cases provides a quick reference to the book's contents. Hundreds of defects — covering the full scope of nasal reconstruction with variability in size, site, outline, depth, and adjacent midface injury — are photographically illustrated within the Table of Cases. Simply identify a defect similar to the case before you — whether due to trauma, cancer excision, immune disease, infection, a prior failed reconstruction, etc. — and be directed to the solution within the text.Based on a principled approach to repair, you’ll learn how to: Know the Normal Analyze a defect and formulate a solid approach to reconstruction, based on fundamental principles Define the "true" tissue loss to determine what is missing and what is present, plus evaluate what tissues are available and appropriate to make what you want Set priorities and develop a plan Prepare the wound, patient, and surgeon for success Design operative templates to replace tissues accurately Replace missing cover, lining, and support Employ secondary healing Use forehead skin grafts for nasal resurfacing When and how to use local flaps Choose between nasolabial and forehead donors Use a 2- and 3-stage forehead flap (indications and techniques) Handle the forehead donor site — primary closure, expansion, surgical delay, harvesting a second or third or fourth flap Design and position cartilage support Correct initial errors and imperfections before pedicle division Avoid and treat complications, such as intraoperative problems, postoperative cover and lining necrosis, and infection Revise an imperfect result or re-do a failed reconstruction Use microvascular free flaps for nasal reconstruction Restore a normal appearance with minimal scarring ISBN 9781619565432

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ISBN 1-619565-43-9, ISBN 1-61-956543-9, ISBN 1-61956-543-9, ISBN 1-619-56543-9, ISBN 1-6195-6543-9

ISBN 978-1-619565-43-2, ISBN 978-1-61-956543-2, ISBN 978-1-61956-543-2, ISBN 978-1-619-56543-2, ISBN 978-1-6195-6543-2

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