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Martínez-Trinidad, José Francisco (Herausgeber); Carrasco Ochoa, Jesús Ariel (Herausgeber); Kittler, Josef (Herausgeber)

Advances in Pattern Recognition Second Mexican Conference on Pattern Recognition, MCPR 2010, Puebla, Mexico, September 27-29, 2010, Proceedings (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6256

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, September 2010

384 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 240x156x25 mm

ISBN: 3642159915 EAN: 9783642159916

The Mexican Conference on Pattern Recognition 2010 (MCPR 2010) was the second event organized by the Mexican Association for Computer Vision, N- rocomputing and Robotics (MACVNR). These conferences provide a forum for exchanging scienti?c results and experiences, sharing new knowledge, and - creasing the cooperation between research groups in pattern recognition and related areas, in Mexico, as well as international cooperation. MCPR 2010 was held in Puebla, Mexico, it was hosted and sponsored by the Computer Science Department of the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE), jointly with the Center for Computing Research of the National Polytechnic Institute (CIC-IPN). From 89 full papers submitted, 39(43.8%) were accepted for publication in theseproceedingsandfor presentationattheconference.Thecontributionsor- inated from 20 di?erent countries. The review process was carried out by the Scienti?c Committee, composed of internationally recognized scientists, all - perts in their respective ?elds. The conference bene?ted from the contributions made by the invited spe- ers: Edwin Hancock from the Department of Computer Science, University of York (UK); Guozhu Dong from the Data Mining Research Lab, Department of ComputerScienceandEngineering,WrightStateUniversity(USA);andErnesto Bribiesca Correa from the Department of Computer Science of the Center for Research in Applied Mathematics and Systems of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, IIMAS-UNAM (Mexico). We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the invited speakers.

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Computer Vision and Robotics.- A Hierarchical Recursive Partial Active Basis Model.- Facial Feature Model for Emotion Recognition Using Fuzzy Reasoning.- Face Recognition Using Simplicial Complexes.- Skeleton Simplification by Key Points Identification.- Learning and Fast Object Recognition in Robot Skill Acquisition: A New Method.- Light Source Intensity Adjustment for Enhanced Feature Extraction.- Fringe-Pattern Demodulation Using a Parametric Method Based on Differential Evolution.- ANIMA: Non-conventional Brain-Computer Interfaces in Robot Control through Electroencephalography and Electrooculography, ARP Module.- Efficient Roughness Recognition for Velocity Updating by Wheeled-Robots Navigation.- Image Processing.- Fingerprint Verification with Non-linear Composite Correlation Filters.- Automatic Ultrasound Image Analysis in Hashimoto's Disease.- Estimating Quality Bounds of JPEG 2000 Compressed Leukocytes Images.- Surface Material Segmentation Using Polarisation.- Measurement of Defocus Level in Iris Images Using Different Convolution Kernel Methods.- Radon Transform Algorithm for Fingerprint Core Point Detection.- Genetic Algorithms and Tabu Search for Correcting Lanes in DNA Images.- Adaptive Algorithm-Based Fused Bayesian Maximum Entropy-Variational Analysis Methods for Enhanced Radar Imaging.- Iris Segmentation Using a Statistical Approach.- Neural Networks and Signal Processing.- Adaboost Classifier by Artificial Immune System Model.- Cost-Sensitive Neural Networks and Editing Techniques for Imbalance Problems.- Designing RBFNNs Using Prototype Selection.- A Learning Social Network with Recognition of Learning Styles Using Neural Networks.- On-line Signature Verification Based on Modified Dynamic Time Warping and Wavelet Sub-band Coding.- New Dissimilarity Measures for Ultraviolet Spectra Identification.- Third Degree Volterra Kernel for Newborn Cry Estimation.- Pattern Recognition and Data Mining.- Cascading an Emerging Pattern Based Classifier.- A New Combined Filter-Wrapper Framework for Gene Subset Selection with Specialized Genetic Operators.- Hybrid Feature Selection Method for Supervised Classification Based on Laplacian Score Ranking.- Navigating K-Nearest Neighbor Graphs to Solve Nearest Neighbor Searches.- On the Design of a Hardware-Software Architecture for Acceleration of SVM's Training Phase.- A Highly Parallel Algorithm for Frequent Itemset Mining.- A Hybrid Methodology for Pattern Recognition in Signaling Cervical Cancer Pathways.- Graph Indexing and Retrieval Based on Median Graphs.- A Novel Method for Counting Models on Grid Boolean Formulas.- Natural Language and Document Processing.- Sentence to Document Level Emotion Tagging - A Coarse-Grained Study on Bengali Blogs.- Clustering Weblogs on the Basis of a Topic Detection Method.- A Naïve Bayes Approach to Cross-Lingual Word Sense Disambiguation and Lexical Substitution.- Supervised Learning for Semantic Classification of Spanish Collocations.- Recognizing Textual Entailment with Statistical Methods.

ISBN 3-642-15991-5

ISBN 978-3-642-15991-6

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