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Rollinson, D. (Herausgeber); Hay, S. I. (Herausgeber)

Advances in Parasitology 74 (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Academic Press

Elsevier LTD, Oxford, Februar 2011

315 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 239x159x19 mm

ISBN: 0123858976 EAN: 9780123858979

First published in 1963, Advances in Parasitology contains comprehensive and up-to-date reviews in all areas of interest in contemporary parasitology. Advances in Parasitology includes medical studies on parasites of major influence, such as Plasmodium falciparum and trypanosomes. The series also contains reviews of more traditional areas, such as zoology, taxonomy, and life history, which shape current thinking and applications. Eclectic volumes are supplemented by thematic volumes on various topics, including control of human parasitic diseases and global mapping of infectious diseases.

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Über den Autor

Professor David Rollinson is a Merit Research Scientist at the Natural History Museum in London, where he leads a research team in the Wolfson Wellcome Biomedical Laboratories and directs the WHO Collaborating Centre for schistosomiasis. He has had a long fascination with parasites and the diseases that they cause, this has involved him in many overseas projects especially in Africa. David is on the WHO Expert Advisory Panel of parasitic diseases, the editor of Advances in Parasitology and a former President of the World Federation of Parasitologists. His research group uses a multidisciplinary approach, which combines detailed molecular studies in the laboratory with ongoing collaborative studies in endemic areas of disease, to explore the intriguing world of parasites in order to help control and eliminate parasitic diseases.


"One is struck by the quality and scholarship of the various chapters and the obviously efficient editing."--PARASITOLOGY "The policy of the editors of Advances in Parasitology to include reviews from any aspect of parasitology and the high standard of individual papers have resulted in this series of volumes becoming an indispensable source for students, teachers, and research workers."--ANNALS OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND PARASITOLOGY

ISBN 0-123858-97-6, ISBN 0-12-385897-6, ISBN 0-12385-897-6, ISBN 0-123-85897-6, ISBN 0-1238-5897-6

ISBN 978-0-123858-97-9, ISBN 978-0-12-385897-9, ISBN 978-0-12385-897-9, ISBN 978-0-123-85897-9, ISBN 978-0-1238-5897-9

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