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Bhandari, Mohit; Robioneck, Bernd

Advanced Concepts in Surgical Research (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Thieme Georg Verlag, Thieme, Mai 2012

225 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 67 Abbildungen - 271x197x18 mm

ISBN: 3131658118 EAN: 9783131658111

The research methods presented are the best currently available and the surgeon who employs them will discover that his or her results are more likely to be accepted as valid, be adopted in the care of patients, and endure the test of time.-- From the Foreword by James D. Heckman, MD Advanced Concepts in Surgical Research is a practical, reader-friendly guide to planning, conducting, and evaluating solid, evidence-based surgical research that leads to high-quality results. Geared to the investigator who has already mastered basic principles, this book focuses on more advanced topics such as randomized controlled trials, survey design, observational studies, meta analyses, statistical concepts, reporting of data, and much more. Special Features: Includes tips and insights from experienced surgical researchers on how to conduct an effective clinical study and avoid pitfalls Supplies hard-to-find information on current topics such as randomization systems and technology and publication bias Provides standardized, easy-to-reference text boxes with highlighted key concepts, on-the-spot definitions of terminology in Jargon Simplified sections, and real-world case examples from the literature Presents nearly 60 illustrations and tables to help in visualizing key concepts Filled with proven research methodologies, clinical data, examples, and strategies that can be applied across a wide range of disciplines, Advanced Concepts in Surgical Research illuminates the challenges and solutions of modern day surgical research. It is essential for any clinician undertaking a well-defined, systematic, clinically relevant, and ultimately successful surgical research study.

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ISBN 3-13-165811-8

ISBN 978-3-13-165811-1

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