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Advanced Ceramic Technologies & Products (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Originaltitel: Ceramic Archives

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Japan KK, Oktober 2012

585 S. - Sprache: Englisch - Originalsprache: Japanese - 300 farbige Abbildungen - 287x217x40 mm Book

ISBN: 4431539131 EAN: 9784431539131

Since the last century, ceramics have become essential to modern society and our daily lives. They have become an indispensable product to many industries, especially within the fields of electronics, automobiles, medicine, and leisure. Japanese ceramic technologies and products are highly sophisticated and world renown, and ceramic products have long contributed to Japanese society. The true significance of ceramics to modern society however, is not well understood. This book describes in detail the background to and objective of the development, materials, manufacturing processes, functions and future prospects of a number of ceramic products. Not merely about the science and technology of ceramic manufacturing, the book is about the products themselves, as it tries to clarify how ceramics continue to contribute to our lives. It is the first such work to show advanced ceramic products in detail, from the technologies used to their application, and can be seen as a kind of illustrated reference book for modern advanced ceramic products as it is filled with easy-to-understand illustrations and photos. By including past and current product technologies, the editors hope the book will serve to guide engineers and the manufacturing sector toward a bright future of innovations for the benefit of us all.

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Spin off of the Society's 100th anniversary project, ceramic archivesAll articles were contributed by researchers at world leading Japanese companies and institutes for ceramicsFull-color illustrated reference book for modern advanced ceramic products


I. Introduction.- 1. Introduction to Ceramics.- 2. Classification of Ceramics.- 2.1 Monolithic Ceramics (single crystal, sintered body, glass, etc.).- 2.2 Composite Materials.- 3. Raw Materials of Ceramics.- 4. Synthesis of Ceramics.- 4.1 Sintering.- 4.2 Single Crystal Synthesis Methods.- 4.3 Glass Synthesi.- 4.4 Plasma.- 4.5 Ultrahigh Pressure Synthesis.- 4.6 Soft Chemical Synthesis.- 4.7 Thin Film Deposition.- 4.8 Powders and Fine Particles.- 5. Characteristics of Ceramics.- 5.1 Mechanical Properties.- 5.2 Thermal Properties.- 5.3 Electrical Properties (1) Dielectric, Pyroelectric and Piezoelectric Properties.- 5.4 Electrical Properties (2) Electronic Conductivity, Ionic Conductivity,Mixed Conductivity.- 5.5 Magnetic Properties.- 5.6 Optical Properties.- II. Information Technology and Electroceramics.- 6. Portable Mobile Terminals and Information Appliances.- 6.1 SAW Filters.- 6.2 FeRAM.- 6.3 TCXO (Temperature Compensated X'tal Oscillator) .- 6.4 Dielectric Filter for Microwaves.- 6.5 Multilayer Chip LC Filter.- 6.6 Isolator.- 6.7 Chip Capacitor.- 6.8 Grain Boundary Insulation Type Barrier Layer Capacitor.- 6.9 Wound Chip Inductor.- 6.10 Multilayer Chip Inductor.- 6.11 PTC Thermistors.- 6.12 Noise Suppression Sheet.- 6.13 Piezoelectric Gyro.- 6.14 Ultrasonic Motor.- 6.15 Multilayer Ceramic Speaker.- 6.16 Lithium-Ion Batteries.- 7. Computer.- 7.1 Multilayer Ceramic Circuit Substrate.- 7.2 Ceramic Package.- 7.3 Hybrid IC Incorporating Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic Multilayer Substrate.- 7.4 Aluminum Nitride Substrate for Semiconductor Device.- 7.5 Silicon Carbide for High Thermal Conductivity Substrate.- 7.6 Single Crystal Sapphire Substrate.- 8. Office Automation Devices.- 8.1 Inkjet Printer Head.- 8.2 Thermal Print Head.- 9. Displays.- 9.1 Color PDP.- 9.2 Phosphors.- 9.3 PDP Rib.- 9.4 Display Glass.- 9.5 Ferrite Core for Deflection Yoke.- 9.6 CRT Insulator (Multiform Glass) .- 9.7 Transformer Cores.- 9.8 Small Power Supply Transformer for Switching.- 9.9 Piezoelectric Transformer.- 10. Audio and Digital Information Storage.- 10.1 Magnetic Tape.- 10.2 Magnetic Head (Ferrite) .- 10.3 Ceramic Materials for Thin Film Magnetic Head Slider.- 10.4 Phase-Change Rewritable Optical Disk.- 11. Optical Parts and Optical Communication.- 11.1 Optical Lens(Aspheric Lens).- 11.2 Gradient Index Lens.- 11.3 Optical Fiber.- 11.4 Optical Fiber Amplifier.- 11.5 Zirconia Ferrule used in Connectors for Optical Communication Devices: Optical Connectors:Zirconia Ferrule.- III. Transportation and Aerospace.- 12. Automobile Engines and Car Electronics.- 12.1 Ceramic Glow Plug.- 12.2 Spark Plug Equipped with Resistor.- 12.3 Thermally Insulated Diesel Engine.- 12.4 Ceramic Turbo Charger.- 12.5 Cordierite Honeycomb for Automotive Catalytic Converters used for Exhaust Gas Purification.- 12.6 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors.- 12.7 Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor.- 12.8 Knock Sensor.- 12.9 Ferrite Magnets for Compact Motors.- 12.10 LTCC Substrate.- 12.11 Dielectric Patch Antenna for GPS.- 13. Aviation, Aerospace, and Transportation.- 13.1 Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon Composite for Space Rockets.- 13.2 Ceramic Composite Materials for Aerospace High-Temperature Parts.- 13.3 C/C Composite Brake for Aircraft.- 13.4 SiC Mirror for Earth Observation Stationary Satellites.- IV. Ceramics in the Energy Sector.- 14. Energy.- 14.1 Insulator for Transmission Line and Substation.- 14.2 Varistor for Power System.- 14.3 Uranium Dioxide Fuel.- 14.4 B4C Control Material for Atomic Energy.- 14.5 Sodium-sulfur Battery.- 14.6 High-temperature Superconducting Cable.- V. Ceramic Products for Manufacturing Industries.- 15. Production of Raw Materials.- 15.1 Crucibles and Setters.- 15.2 Grinding Media.- 15.3 Resistance Heating Elements.- 15.4 Products used in Firing Furnaces Consisting of Silicon Carbide-based Refractory.- 16. Processing of Mechanical Components and Raw Materials.- 16.1 Ceramic Bearing.- 16.2 Ceramic Cutting Tools.- 16.3 Diamond Cutting Tools.- 16.4 Abrasives Used to Manufacture Semiconductor Devices.- 17. Semiconductor Production.- 17.1 Optical Materials for Apparatus for Semiconductor Lithography.- 17.2 High-Purity SiC Ceramic Components used in Semiconductor Thermal Treatment Equipment.- 17.3 Ceramic Heaters for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment.- 17.4 Aerostatic Bearings (Air Slides) .- 17.5 Electrostatic Chuck.- 17.6 MMC for LCD Manufacturing Equipment.- VI. Ceramic Products for Residential Construction Sector.- 18. Building Materials and Glass.- 18.1 ALC (Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete) .- 18.2 Plaster Board.- 18.3 Glass Wool for Thermal Insulation.- 18.4 Functional Construction Materials (Humidity Control) .- 18.5 Thermal Insulation Glass.- 18.6 Safety Glass.- 18.7 Crystallized Glass Ceramics Used as Construction Materials.- 18.8 Ferrite Electromagnetic Wave Absorber.- 19. Housing Products.- 19.1 Sanitary Ware.- 19.2 Superhydrophilic Stain-Resistant Ceramic Tile.- 19.3 Water Purifier Filter.- 19.4 Faucets.- VII. Ceramics for Medical and Sanitation Sector.- 20. Bio-Medical Related Products.- 20.1 Hydroxyapatite a Prosthetic Material for Artificial Bone.- 20.2 ?-Tricalcium Phosphate a Prosthetic Material for Artificial Bone.- 20.3 Bioactive Bone Paste.- 20.4 Ceramic Dental Implant.- 20.5 Artificial Joint.- 20.6 Ceramic Teeth (Porcelain Teeth, Porcelain Tooth Crown) .- 21. Medical and Health Products.- 21.1 Piezoelectric Ceramics used in Probes for Medical Ultrasonography.- 21.2 Virus Absorbing Air Filter .- VIII. Ceramics Raw Commodity Sector of Activity.- 22. Everyday Ceramic Items.- 22.1 Ceramic Knife, Slicer, Grater and Scissors.- 22.2 Light Bulbs.- 22.3 LED Light.- 22.4 Sodium Lamp.- 22.5 Semiconductor Gas Sensors.- 22.6 Piezoelectric Buzzers.- 22.7 Tiles.- 22.8 Far-Infrared Ceramic Heaters.- 22.9 Decorative Ceramic Watch Cases, Bands.- 22.10 Eyeglass Lenses (AR Coating) .- 22.11 Synthetic Jewelry.

Über den Autor

The Ceramic Society of Japan2-22-17 Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0073, JapanEditor-in-ChiefYoshihiko ImanakaEditorsYoshikazu Suzuki, Toru S. Suzuki, Kiyoshi Hirao, Tetsuo Tsuchiya, Hajime Nagata, Jeffrey S. Cross

ISBN 4-431539-13-1, ISBN 4-43-153913-1, ISBN 4-43153-913-1, ISBN 4-431-53913-1, ISBN 4-4315-3913-1

ISBN 978-4-431539-13-1, ISBN 978-4-43-153913-1, ISBN 978-4-43153-913-1, ISBN 978-4-431-53913-1, ISBN 978-4-4315-3913-1

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