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Proulx, Tom (Herausgeber)

Advanced Aerospace Applications, Volume 1 Proceedings of the 29th IMAC, A Conference on Structural Dynamics, 2011 (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer US, März 2011

368 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 50 schwarz-weiße Abbildungen - 284x218x28 mm Book

ISBN: 1441993010 EAN: 9781441993014

Advanced Aerospace Applications, Volume 1. Proceedings of the 29th IMAC, A Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics, 2011, the first volume of six from the Conference, brings together 32 contributions to this important area of research and engineering. The collection presents early findings and case studies on fundamental and applied aspects of Structural Dynamics, including papers on Aeroelasticity, Ground Testing, Dynamic Testing of Aerospace Structures, and Random Vibration.

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This the first proceedings volume of six from the 29th IMAC, 2011


High Frequency Optimisation of an Aerospace Structure Through Sensitivity to SEA Parameters.- Converting a Driven Base Vibration Test to a Fixed Base Modal Analysis.- Advanced Operational Modal Analysis Methods for Linear Time Periodic System Identification.- Benefit of Acoustic Particle Velocity Based Reverberant Room Testing of Space Structures.- Ultrasonic Vibration Modal Analysis Technique (UMAT) for Defect Detection.- Acoustic Testing and Response Prediction of the CASSIOPE Spacecraft.- Force Limited Vibration Testing Applied to the JWST FGS OA.- On Force Limited Vibration for Testing Space Hardware.- Calculation of Rigid Body Mass Properties of Flexible Structures.- Simulating Base-shake Environmental Testing.- Geometry-based Updating of 3D Solid Finite Element Models.- A PZT-based Technique for SHM Using the Coherence Function.- The Best Force Design of Pure Modal Test Based Upon a Singular Value Decomposition Approach.- Modal Identification and Model Updating of Pleiades.- Aircraft GVT Advances and Application - Gulfstream G650.- Aircraft Dynamics and Payload Interaction - SOFIA Telescope.- Application of Modal Analysis for Evaluation of the Impact Resistance of Aerospace Sandwich Materials.- An Integrated Procedure for Estimating Modal Parameters During Flight Testing.- Multiple-site Damage Location Using Single-site Training Data.- "Assessment of Nonlinear System Identification Methods Using the.- SmallSat Spacecraft Structure".- Ground Vibration Testing Master Class: Modern Testing and Analysis Concepts Applied to an F-16 Aircraft.- Advanced Shaker Excitation Signals for Aerospace Testing.- System and Method for Compensating Structural Vibrations of an Aircraft Caused by Outside Disturbances.- Operational Modal Analysis on a Modified Helicopter.- Development of New Discrete Wavelet Families for Structural Dynamic Analysis.- Model Updating With Neural Networks and Genetic Optimization.- A Piezoelectric Actuated Stabilization Mount for Payloads Onboard Small UAS.- Extraction of Modal Parameters From Spacecraft Flight Data.- Dynamic Characterization of Satellite Components Through Non-invasive Methods.- An Inertially Referenced Non-contact Sensor for Ground Vibration Tests.- Reliability of Experimental Modal Data Determined on Large Spaceflight Structures.- Operational Modal Analysis of a Spacecraft Vibration Test.-

ISBN 1-441993-01-0, ISBN 1-44-199301-0, ISBN 1-44199-301-0, ISBN 1-441-99301-0, ISBN 1-4419-9301-0

ISBN 978-1-441993-01-4, ISBN 978-1-44-199301-4, ISBN 978-1-44199-301-4, ISBN 978-1-441-99301-4, ISBN 978-1-4419-9301-4

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