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Phinney, Donald G. (Herausgeber)

Adult Stem Cells Biology and Methods of Analysis (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Humana Press, November 2011

279 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 17 schwarz-weiße und 19 farbige Abbildungen, 4 schwarz-weiße Tabellen - 244x161x22 mm Book

ISBN: 161779001X EAN: 9781617790010

This is comprehensive overview of a vital area of scientific enquiry, which covers a broad spectrum of issues. With contributions from some of the key researchers in the field, Adult Stem Cells: Biology and Methods of Analysis offers readers a historical perspective as well as unique insights into cutting-edge thoughts. The volume contextualizes the recent discovery of stem/progenitor cell populations resident in many adult tissues and organs. It confronts the complexities scientists face in trying to validate these cells, while it also describes and critically evaluates the methods currently used to assess stem cell self-renewal. The chapters also seek to distinguish this process from other aspects of cell survival, such as the regulation of life span, senescence, and immortalization at a molecular level. The monograph begins with a section that examine the basic biology of adult stem cells, including chapters on the emerging role of microRNAs in regulating their fate and the molecular mechanisms that govern their self-renewal, the book moves on to analyze the varying methodologies employed in characterizing these elusive elements of our genetic make-up. The second section details in-vivo lineage tracing of tissue-specific stem cells, explores the neural stem cell paradigm, and considers the function of ABC transporters and aldehyde dehydrogenase in adult stem-cell biology. The final section shifts the focus to the life-span regulation and immortalization and features a chapter on the cancer stem cell paradigm. This is an authoritative volume on one of the frontiers of genetic research, and will serve as a valuable resource, not just for established scientists but also for those now entering the field of stem cell biology.

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Provides an ample overview of adult stem cell biology The comprehensive nature of the volume and the unique insights provided by the contributing authors make it an important resource both for those interested in adult stem cell biology as well as researchers working in the field Written by leaders in the field, the text provides both a historical prospective as well as detailed information regarding the state-of-the-art in the field of adult stem cell biology


 Preface Contributors Corresponding Authors Part I              Basic Biology of Adult Stem Cells                Chapter 1       Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Adult Stem                         Cell Self-Renewal                         D. M. Panchision Chapter 2       Maintenance of Adult Stem Cells: Role of the Stem Cell Niche                         T. SudaChapter 3       Emerging Role for microRNAs in Regulating                         Adult Stem Cell Fate J.M. Shookhoff and G.I. GallicanoChapter 4       Expression and Function of Pluripotency-Specific                         Genes in Adult Stem Cells                 A. Lo Nigro, P. Roelandt and C. M. Verfaillie Chapter 5       Adult Stem Cell Plasticity Revisited                      E. Mezey  Part II             Characterization of Adult Stem CellsChapter 6       Lineage Tracing of Tissue-Specific Stem Cells                        In Vivo                         K. T. Sobush, K. Matsumoto, H. Chen, and B. R.Stripp Chapter 7       Surrogate Measure of Adult Stem Cells Self-                        Rewal:  The Neural Stem Cell Paradigm                 L.P. Deleyrolle, B.A. Reynolds and                         F.A. Siebzehnrubl Chapter 8       ABC Transporters, Aldehyde Dehydrogenase,                         And Adult Stem Cells                         M. R. Allison  Part III           Regulation of Life Span and ImmortalizationChapter 9       Regulation of Life Span in Adult Stem Cells                 P. Davy and R. AllsoppChapter 10     The cancer stem cell paradigm                    C. Eyler, J. Heddleston, S. Rhinos, M. Hitomi,                         O. Guryanova, W. Flavahan, A. Hjelmeland, and J.  Rich


From the reviews:"The three parts that makes up this volume, the first dealing with the basic biology, the second with the characterization of the adult stem cells phenotype and the third with the regulation of the life span of these cells, are all targeted to the critical evaluation of the techniques we use to distinguish adult stem cell-renewal from cell survival. ... The volume is well written and well illustrated ... . Well done!" (Carlo Alberto Redi, European Journal of Histochemistry, Vol. 55, 2011)

ISBN 1-617790-01-X, ISBN 1-61-779001-X, ISBN 1-61779-001-X, ISBN 1-617-79001-X, ISBN 1-6177-9001-X

ISBN 978-1-617790-01-0, ISBN 978-1-61-779001-0, ISBN 978-1-61779-001-0, ISBN 978-1-617-79001-0, ISBN 978-1-6177-9001-0

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