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Nikolaidis, Ioanis (Herausgeber); Wu, Kui (Herausgeber)

Ad-Hoc, Mobile and Wireless Networks 9th International Conference, ADHOC-NOW 2010, Edmonton, AB, Canada, August 20-22, 2010, Proceedings (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6288

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, Juli 2010

219 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 238x156x15 mm

ISBN: 3642147844 EAN: 9783642147845

For more than a decade, ad hoc wireless networks have galvanized the interest and sparked the imagination of researchers. Such networks consist of a set of nodes equipped with wireless interfaces and they are designed to form self-organizing and spontaneous networks. They are usually multi-hop in nature, collectively forwarding and processing data to accomplish an application task. In addition, their topologies can be highly dynamic due to the potential mobility of the nodes. All these properties, in isolation and combination, pose a plethora of research challenges as well as new application opportunities. The International Conference on Ad-Hoc Networks and Wireless (ADHOC-NOW) serves as one of the premier venues for researchers and industrial practitioners to exchange ideas in this exciting area. Following previous ADHOC-NOW conferences in Murcia, Spain (2009), Sophia Antipolis, France (2008), Morelia, Mexico (2007), Ottawa, Canada (2006), Cancun, Mexico (2005), Vancouver, Canada (2004), Mo- real, Canada (2003), and Toronto, Canada (2002), the ninth ADHOC-NOW conf- ence took place at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, during August 20-22, 2010. As the capital city of the Province of Alberta, Edmonton is a cultural, governmental, and educational center and offers year-round world-class f- tivals, including the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. Edmonton is also home to North America's largest indoor shopping mall, the West Edmonton Mall. The summer in Edmonton is particularly joyful and has mild temperature and long, sunny daytime.

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Simulation-Based Comparison of Three Wireless Multicast Routing Protocols: MOST, MOLSR and SMOLR.- An Energy Efficient Power Control Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks Using Directional Antennas.- On Minimizing the Sum of Sensor Movements for Barrier Coverage of a Line Segment.- On Alarm Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Revisiting Clustering Based Efficient Broadcast for Wireless Multihop Networks with Memory Limited Nodes.- Locally Proactive Routing Protocols.- Coverage-Adaptive Random Walks for Fast Sensory Data Collection.- Joint Scheduling and Spectrum Allocation in Wireless Networks with Frequency-Agile Radios.- Towards Modeling Realistic Mobility for Performance Evaluations in MANET.- An Efficient Clusterhead Placement for Hybrid Sensor Networks.- RaceTrack: An Approximation Algorithm for the Mobile Sink Routing Problem.- Data Aggregation Integrity Based on Homomorphic Primitives in Sensor Networks.- iCCA-MAP Versus MCL and Dual MCL: Comparison of Mobile Node Localization Algorithms.- ADNL-Angle: Accurate Distributed Node Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks with Angle of Arrival Information.- Planning and Deploying Long Distance Wireless Sensor Networks: The Integration of Simulation and Experimentation.- A Generalized Framework for Integrated Vehicle Traffic and Wireless Network Simulation.

ISBN 3-642-14784-4

ISBN 978-3-642-14784-5

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