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An, Aijun (Herausgeber); Lingras, Pawan (Herausgeber); Petty, Sheila (Herausgeber); Huang, Runhe (Herausgeber)

Active Media Technology 6th International Conference, AMT 2010, Toronto, Canada, August 28-30, 2010, Proceedings (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6335

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, September 2010

548 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 240x158x35 mm Book

ISBN: 3642154697 EAN: 9783642154690

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th International? Conference on Active Media Technology, AMT 2010, held in Toronto,?Canada, in August 2010.? The 52 revised full papers and 2 invited talks were carefully reviewed?and selected for inclusion of the book. They are grouped in topcial?sections on active computer systems and intelligent interfaces; adaptive?Web sysetms and information foraging agents; AMT for semantic Web and?Web 2.0; data mining, ontology mining and Web reasoning; e-commerce and?Web services; entertainment and social applications of active media;?evaluation of active media and AMT based systems; intelligent?information retrieval; machine learning and human-centered robotics;?multi-agent systems; multi-modal processing, detection, recognition, and?expression analysis; semantic computing for active media and AMT-based?systems; smart digital media; Web-based social networks; and Web mining,?wisdom Web and Web intelligence.

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Keynote Talks.- Technology-Mediated Social Participation: Deep Science and Extreme Technology.- Active Smart u-Things and Cyber Individuals.- Active Computer Systems and Intelligent Interfaces.- A Case for Content Distribution in Peer-to-Peer Networks.- Interactive Visualization System for DES.- Intelligent Implicit Interface for Wearable Items Suggestion.- Adaptive Web Systems and Information Foraging Agents.- Folksonomy-Based Ontological User Interest Profile Modeling and Its Application in Personalized Search.- Visualizing Threaded Conversation Networks: Mining Message Boards and Email Lists for Actionable Insights.- AMT for Semantic Web and Web 2.0.- A Spatio-temporal Framework for Related Topic Search in Micro-Blogging.- Exploiting Semantic Hierarchies for Flickr Group.- Understanding a Celebrity with His Salient Events.- User Interests: Definition, Vocabulary, and Utilization in Unifying Search and Reasoning.- Ontology Matching Method for Efficient Metadata Integration.- Data Mining, Ontology Mining and Web Reasoning.- Multiagent Based Large Data Clustering Scheme for Data Mining Applications.- Fractal Based Video Shot Cut/Fade Detection and Classification.- Performance Evaluation of Constraints in Graph-Based Semi-supervised Clustering.- Analysis of Research Keys as Tempral Patterns of Technical Term Usages in Bibliographical Data.- Natural Language Query Processing for Life Science Knowledge.- E-Commerce and Web Services.- A Semantic Web Services Discovery Algorithm Based on QoS Ontology.- Implementation of an Intelligent Product Recommender System in an e-Store.- Recommendation of Little Known Good Travel Destinations Using Word-of-Mouth Information on the Web.- Entertainment and Social Applications of Active Media.- The Influence of Ubiquity on Screen-Based Interfaces.- Perception of Parameter Variations in Linear Fractal Images.- Music Information Retrieval with Temporal Features and Timbre.- Evaluation of Active Media and AMT Based Systems.- Towards Microeconomic Resources Allocation in Overlay Networks.- Investigating Perceptions of a Location-Based Annotation System.- Apollon13: A Training System for Emergency Situations in a Piano Performance.- Intelligent Information Retrieval.- Exploring Social Annotation Tags to Enhance Information Retrieval Performance.- A Hybrid Chinese Information Retrieval Model.- Term Frequency Quantization for Compressing an Inverted Index.- Chinese Question Retrieval System Using Dependency Information.- Machine Learning and Human-Centered Robotics.- A Novel Automatic Lip Reading Method Based on Polynomial Fitting.- An Approach for the Design of Self-conscious Agent for Robotics.- K-Means Clustering as a Speciation Mechanism within an Individual-Based Evolving Predator-Prey Ecosystem Simulation.- Improving Reinforcement Learning Agents Using Genetic Algorithms.- Robust and Efficient Change Detection Algorithm.- Multi-Agent Systems.- Building Users' Profiles from Clustering Resources in Collaborative Tagging Systems.- Some Optimizations in Maximal Clique Based Distributed Coalition Formation for Collaborative Multi-Agent Systems.- Multi-Modal Processing, Detection, Recognition, and Expression Analysis.- Enhanced Intra Coding of H.264/AVC Advanced Video Coding Standard with Adaptive Number of Modes.- Extracting Protein Sub-cellular Localizations from Literature.- Semantic Computing for Active Media and AMT Based Systems.- Enhancing Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Machine Learning Techniques.- Modeling User Knowledge from Queries: Introducing a Metric for Knowledge.- Computer-Assisted Interviewing with Active Questionnaires.- Smart Digital Media.- Assessing End-User Programming for a Graphics Development Environment.- Visual Image Browsing and Exploration (Vibe): User Evaluations of Image Search Tasks.- Web Based Social Networks.- Contextual Recommendation of Social Updates, a Tag-Based Framework.- Semantic Web Portal: A Platform for Better Browsing and Visualizing Semantic Data.- NicoScene: Video Scene Search by Keywords Based on Social Annotation.- Web Mining, Wisdom Web and Web Intelligence.- Social Relation Based Search Refinement: Let Your Friends Help You!.- An Empirical Approach for Opinion Detection Using Significant Sentences.- Extracting Concerns and Reports on Crimes in Blogs.- Automatically Extracting Web Data Records.- Web User Browse Behavior Characteristic Analysis Based on a BC Tree.- Clustering Web Users Based on Browsing Behavior.- Privacy Preserving in Personalized Mobile Marketing.

ISBN 3-642-15469-7

ISBN 978-3-642-15469-0

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