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Dam, Bert van

ARM Microcontrollers 1 35 projects for beginners (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Elektor Verlag, Elektor International Media, Dezember 2010

250 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 238x177x20 mm

ISBN: 0905705947 EAN: 9780905705941

The perfect book for hobbyists, students and engineers who want to learn C and how to use an mbed ARM microcontroller in an easy and fun way, without the need for cumbersome software installations. ARM mbed microcontroller NXP LPC1768:The projects in this book are meant for beginners in C and ARM microcontrollers. That doesn't mean the projects are simple, but it does mean that they are easy to understand. We use for example USB communications, a subject that is made so easy by the mbed that it is suitable for a beginners book.Cloud technology:The mbed NXP LPC1768 uses cloud technology, a revolutionary concept in software development. This means you do not need to install software on your PC in order to program the mbed!The only thing you need is a browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, and a USB port on your PC. You can get access to your project from any PC anywhere in the world and continue working on it. When you are done a few simple mouse clicks transfer the program to your mbed hardware. Of course you can optionally download the projects and store them on your own PC.Features of this book:- Learn how to program an mbed ARM microcontroller using cloud technology. No complicated software installation on your PC needed.- Learn programming in C by doing fun and interesting projects. No previous experience or knowledge required.- Examples of projects in this book: flashing light, timer, light activated switch, digital thermometer, people detector, USB communication, talking microcontroller, debugging, sound switch, and much more - 35 projects in total.- Examples of C subjects in this book: variables, commands, functions, program execution, pointers (introduction).What you need:- A PC with a USB port, internet connection and a browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.- The free download that contains for example the project source codes.- The hardware introduction package to get started quickly, available from Elektor.

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ISBN 0-905705-94-7, ISBN 0-90-570594-7, ISBN 0-90570-594-7, ISBN 0-905-70594-7, ISBN 0-9057-0594-7

ISBN 978-0-905705-94-1, ISBN 978-0-90-570594-1, ISBN 978-0-90570-594-1, ISBN 978-0-905-70594-1, ISBN 978-0-9057-0594-1

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