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A history of Anglo-Latin literature 1066-1422.

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (...), 1992. XVIII,414p. Hardbound with dust wrps. Nice copy. EAN: 9780521415941 (ISBN: 0521415942)

?This is one of the most satisfying books I have ever read. It fills a major need in the study of medieval England, and does so with authority, and verbe. George Rigg has read both widely and perceptively; has organized his material in a straightforward, sensible way, and has presented it attractively. (?) The organization by reigns is as good as any and enables Rigg to associate the literature with political and cultural changes. Each chapter starts with a brief survey of major events and significant cultural forces; these are pointed and useful. Each ends with a backward look, which usually stresses literary movements and relations only. In between, authors are taken up individually in a rough chronological order, with further attention to external events when necessary. The chronological order is interrupted at times when it has seemed good to Rigg to group writings by genre.? (TRAUGOTT LAWLER IN Speculum, 1996, p.202).

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ISBN 0-521415-94-2, ISBN 0-52-141594-2, ISBN 0-52141-594-2, ISBN 0-521-41594-2, ISBN 0-5214-1594-2

ISBN 978-0-521415-94-1, ISBN 978-0-52-141594-1, ISBN 978-0-52141-594-1, ISBN 978-0-521-41594-1, ISBN 978-0-5214-1594-1

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