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Grugulis, Irena

A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Human Resource Management (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Very Short, Fairly Interesting & Cheap Books

SAGE Publications Ltd, November 2016

144 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 195x126x12 mm

ISBN: 1446200817 EAN: 9781446200810

Conceived by Chris Grey and written to get you thinking, the "Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap" series offers an informal, conversational, accessible yet sophisticated and critical overview of what you find in conventional textbooks. Engaging and entertaining in equal measure, this is a book about work, the people who do it and the way they are managed (and mis-managed). The book's six chapters draw on current research to provide a critical and reflective overview of the key debates in human resource management (HRM), including: the nature of HRM; is HRM strategic; putting it all into practice; pay and performance; the dark side of HRM: redundancy and discrimination; and does HRM work? Raising issues that are often neglected in typical HRM texts, such as stress and unemployment, this book has an appreciation of the realities of work, workers and the communities that are affected by HRM policy and practice. Irena Grugulis is a well known and respected name in the field whose wit and thought-provoking style make this book an authoritative yet accessible read.

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1. Human Resource Management 2. Is HRM strategic? 3. Skills and Training 4. Pay and Reward 5. Flexible Work and Flexible Workers 6. Employee Voice 7. Service Work 8. Good Jobs and Good Employers?

ISBN 1-446200-81-7, ISBN 1-44-620081-7, ISBN 1-44620-081-7, ISBN 1-446-20081-7, ISBN 1-4462-0081-7

ISBN 978-1-446200-81-0, ISBN 978-1-44-620081-0, ISBN 978-1-44620-081-0, ISBN 978-1-446-20081-0, ISBN 978-1-4462-0081-0

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