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Ross, Tracy

A Survival Guide for Health Research Methods (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: UK Higher Education OUP Humanities & Social Sciences Health & Social Welfare

Open University Press, April 2012

216 S. - Sprache: Englisch - black & white illustrations - 233x154x18 mm

ISBN: 0335244734 EAN: 9780335244737

"This is an excellent and much needed book. It has a clear and logical structure that leads you through the knowledge base needed to critically appraise and evaluate clinical research studies ... Each section has brief measurable learning outcomes to give the learning focus and particularly helpful is the "Jargon Busting" glossary placed at the end of each chapter ... This is the book I wish I had written."Christine Lorraine Carline, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health, Staffordshire University, UK"This short book covers all the major issues and perspectives with which health undergraduates must become familiar ... It is written in plain English with clear explanations and appropriate examples, along with exercises, articles and glossaries. For those students who approach the topic of research with trepidation, this book will be a welcome and painless introduction."David Shaw, Lecturer, The Open University, UK"The author has provided a text that is accessible to a wide range of health students and practitioners ... The discussions about how recent is recent evidence is a question that particularly vexes students and this book provides some guidance to the debate, whilst acknowledging there is no easy answer."Alan Williams, Lecturer, University of Nottingham, UKThis handy book is an ideal companion for all health and nursing students looking for an accessible guide to research. Written in a friendly style, the book takes the stress out of research learning by offering realistic, practical guidance and demystifying research methods jargon. The book takes you through the main methods, tools and approaches used by health researchers and uses examples and case studies to highlight good and bad practice in research. The book also includes:Guidance on critical thinking and writing, to assist you in interpreting research articles and judging their worthSimple exercises, discussion points and reflective opportunities to help you construct logical arguments and apply research findings to practiceUseful tips for surviving and exceeding in your course of study A section in each chapter on 'jargon busting' to help you keep on top of the terms and language used in research A Survival Guide for Health Research Methods is a great first book for students and practitioners new to the subject. It will also be of use to staff returning to practice and those with no prior research knowledge.

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IntroductionChapter 1: Evidence Based PracticeChapter 2: The Nature of ResearchChapter 3: Quantitative ResearchChapter 4: Analysis of Quantitative DataChapter 5: Qualitative ResearchChapter 6: Qualitative AnalysisChapter 7: Mixed MethodsChapter 8: Ethics in ResearchChapter 9: Searching for LiteratureChapter 10: Critically Reviewing LiteratureAppendixIndex

Über den Autor

Tracy Ross is Senior Lecturer at Glyndwr University, UK and has taught research methods for over 10 years. She has taught research at diploma, degree and masters level and many of the anecdotes from students have provided the inspiration for this book.

ISBN 0-335244-73-4, ISBN 0-33-524473-4, ISBN 0-33524-473-4, ISBN 0-335-24473-4, ISBN 0-3352-4473-4

ISBN 978-0-335244-73-7, ISBN 978-0-33-524473-7, ISBN 978-0-33524-473-7, ISBN 978-0-335-24473-7, ISBN 978-0-3352-4473-7

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