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Cumming, Charles

A Foreign Country (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Harper Collins Publ. UK, April 2013

405 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 198x128x30 mm

ISBN: 0007346433 EAN: 9780007346431

Six weeks before she is due to become the first female head of MI6, Amelia Levene disappears without a trace. Disgraced ex-agent Thomas Kell is brought in from the cold with orders to find her - quickly and quietly. The mission offers Kell a way back into the secret world, the only life he's ever known. Tracking Amelia through France and North Africa, Kell embarks on a dangerous voyage, shadowed by foreign intelligence services. This far from home soil, the rules of the game are entirely different - and the consequences worse than anyone imagines...

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Über den Autor

Charles Cumming was born in Scotland in 1971. He has been described as 'the man who most successfully gets under the skin of Britain's intelligence agencies' (The Times). In the summer of 1995, he was approached for recruitment by the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). A year later he moved to Montreal where he began working on a novel based on his experiences with MI6, and A Spy By Nature was published in the UK in 2001.


'We are in Smiley country, but with extra 21st century nuance ... Cumming has an exquisite touch and we should treasure him' Daily Mail 'A thriller that has everything you could ask for - a twisty, sexy plot, topical themes, memorable characters and plentiful spy lore' Sunday Times, Books of the Year 'Refreshing, plausible and effective ... Best of all is the sheer pace of the narrative' Spectator 'You are likely to be up for most of the night to find out how this novel ends. It grips from the first page ... A fast-moving treat' The Scotsman Praise for Charles Cumming: 'Charles Cumming is a man put on this earth to perpetuate the spy thriller' Daily Telegraph 'From the first page to the last it has the ring of absolute authenticity. Tautly written, cleverly plotted...it reminded me strongly of the early books of John le Carre' Robert Harris

ISBN 0-007346-43-3, ISBN 0-00-734643-3, ISBN 0-00734-643-3, ISBN 0-007-34643-3, ISBN 0-0073-4643-3

ISBN 978-0-007346-43-1, ISBN 978-0-00-734643-1, ISBN 978-0-00734-643-1, ISBN 978-0-007-34643-1, ISBN 978-0-0073-4643-1

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