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González Moreno, Beatriz (Herausgeber); Rigal Aragón, Margarita (Herausgeber)

A Descent into Edgar Allan Poe and His Works: The Bicentennial (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Lang, Peter, Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, März 2010

152 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 14 ill., 1 table - 212x149x22 mm

ISBN: 3034300891 EAN: 9783034300896

Today Edgar Allan Poe is a well-known and highly regarded author. When, a hundred years ago (1909), a group of Poe acquaintances, fans and scholars got together at the University of Virginia to commemorate Poe's birth centenary, they had to do so in order to modify the persistent misstatements of his earlier biographers, and to correct the unsettled judgment of his literary rank. Now, in 2009, many Poe fans and scholars are gathering together once more to honour Poe on the second centenary of his birth. Different types of events (theatrical and musical performances, book auctions, etc.) and academic conferences have been celebrated on both sides of the Atlantic, acclaiming Poe's literary rank again. This volume brings together a wide range of scholars with varied critical approaches and succeeds in shedding new light on E. A. Poe on the occasion of his Bicentenary. The book is organized into three principal sections; the first part focuses on the reception of Poe in Great Britain, France, and Spain; the second revisits some of Poe's main legacies, such as his stories of detection, the Gothic, and Science Fiction; and the third deals with the aesthetic quality of his narratives and also offers an analysis of his work integrating Text Linguistics within the broader study of social discourses.

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Contents: Fernando Galv?n: Poe versus Dickens: an Ambiguous Relationship - Sonya Isaak: Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Baudelaire: The Artist as the Elite Victim - Ricardo Mar?n-Ruiz: Two Romanticisms but the Same Feeling: The Presence of Poe in Gustavo Adolfo B?cquer's Leyendas - Margarita Rigal-Arag?n: The Thousand-and-Second Dupin of Edgar A. Poe - Beatriz Gonz?lez-Moreno: Approaching the Dupin-Holmes (or Poe-Doyle) Controversy - ?ngel Mateos-Aparicio Mart?n-Albo: ?The Horrors Are Not To Be Denied?: The Influence of Edgar A. Poe on Ray Bradbury - Santiago Rodr?guez Guerrero-Strachan: Poe's Poetry: Melancholy and the Picturesque - Eduardo de Gregorio-Godeo: Functions and Values of Description, Metaphorical Image and Comparison in ?Ligeia?: a Discursive-Rhetorical Study - Jos? Antonio Gurpegui: John Allan versus Edgar Allan, or Poe's Early Years - ?ngel Gald?n-Rodr?guez: Chronology.

Über den Autor

The Editors: Beatriz Gonz?lez Moreno is Associate Professor at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain. Her main field of research is the analysis of the aesthetic categories in the Romantic period, focusing on the relevance of the sublime in relation to traditional beauty. On that subject, she has published a book, Lo sublime, lo g?tico y lo rom?ntico: la experiencia est?tica en el romanticismo ingl?s, and articles on the issue of gender and the sublime, focusing on female characters which defy traditional aesthetics and categorization. Margarita Rigal Arag?n is Associate Professor at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain. Her main field of research is the American Renaissance, focusing on Edgar Allan Poe's works. On that subject, she has published a book, entitled Aspectos estructurales y tem?ticos recurrentes en la narrativa breve de Edgar Allan Poe as well as articles and chapters focusing on Poe's works, life and reception, the Victorian Age, and the detective genre.

ISBN 3-0343-0089-1

ISBN 978-3-0343-0089-6

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