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D'Lugo, Marvin (Herausgeber); Vernon, Kathleen M. (Herausgeber)

A Companion to Pedro Almódovar (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Companions to Film Directors

Wiley John + Sons, Wiley, John, & Sons, Inc, April 2013

568 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 254x177x32 mm

ISBN: 1405195827 EAN: 9781405195829

Edited by leading authorities on the subject, and bringing together a stellar cast of contributors, this detailed appraisal of Pedro Almodóvar's unique cinematic art examines the themes, style, and aesthetics of his oeuvre and locates it in the context of the profound cultural transformations in Spain since the 1970s. * Brings together a stellar cast of contributors from across the globe including recognized and established specialists as well as talented younger scholars * Features contributions by Spanish film historians, where studies of Almodóvar's work have been underrepresented in the academic literature * Deploys new approaches to the analysis of film authorship by exploring contextual issues such as Almodóvar's transnational appeal and the political dimensions of his works * Traces the director's fruitful collaborations in the areas of art and design, fashion and music

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Notes on Contributors viii Acknowledgments xv Introduction: The Skin He Lives In 1 Marvin D'Lugo and Kathleen M. Vernon Part I Bio-Filmography 19 1 Almod?var's Self-Fashioning: The Economics and Aesthetics of Deconstructive Autobiography 21 Paul Julian Smith 2 Creative Beginnings in Almod?var's Work 39 Francisco A. Zurian 3 Almod?var and Hitchcock: A Sorcerer's Apprenticeship 59 Dona Kercher 4 A Life, Imagined and Otherwise: The Limits and Uses of Autobiography in Almod?var's Films 88 Alberto Mira Part II Spanish Contexts 105 5 El Deseo's "Itinerary": Almod?var and the Spanish Film Industry 107 Marina D?az L?pez 6 Almod?var and Spanish Patterns of Film Reception 129 Josetxo Cerd?n and Miguel Fern?ndez Labayen 7 Memory, Politics, and the Post-Transition in Almod?var's Cinema 153 Juan Carlos Ib??ez 8 The Ethics of Oblivion: Personal, National, and Cultural Memories in the Films of Pedro Almod?var 176 Adri?n P?rez Melgosa Part III At the Limits of Gender 201 9 Our Rapists, Ourselves: Women and the Staging of Rape in the Cinema of Pedro Almod?var 203 Leora Lev 10 Paternity and Pathogens: Mourning Men and the Crises of Masculinity in Todo Sobre Mi Madre and Hable Con Ella 225 Dean Allbritton 11 Domesticating Violence in the Films of Pedro Almod?var 244 Noelia Saenz 12 La piel que habito: A Story of Imposed Gender and the Struggle for Identity 262 Francisco A. Zurian Part IV Re-readings 279 13 Re-envoicements and Reverberations in Almod?var's Macro-Melodrama 281 Marsha Kinder 14 The Flower of His Secret: Carne tr?mula and the Mise en Sc?ne of Desire 304 Celestino Deleyto 15 Scratching the Past on the Surface of the Skin: Embodied Intersubjectivity, Prosthetic Memory, and Witnessing in Almod?var's La mala educaci?n 322 Juli?n Daniel Guti?rrez-Albilla 16 Almod?var's Stolen Images 345 Javier Herrera Part V Global Almod?var 365 17 Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown: From Madrid (1988) to New York (2010) 367 Isolina Ballesteros 18 Almod?var's Global Musical Marketplace 387 Kathleen M. Vernon 19 Almod?var and Latin America: The Making of a Transnational Aesthetic in Volver 412 Marvin D'Lugo 20 Is there a French Almod?var? 432 Jean-Claude Seguin 21 Almod?var in Asia: Hong Kong, Taiwan, and LGBT Film Culture 453 E. K. Tan Part VI Art and Commerce 469 22 To the Health of the Author: Art Direction in Los abrazos rotos 471 John D. Sanderson 23 Making Spain Fashionable: Fashion and Design in Pedro Almod?var's Cinema 495 Gerard Dapena 24 Almod?var, Cyberfandom, and Participatory Culture 524 Vicente Rodr?guez Ortega Index 551

Über den Autor

Marvin D'Lugo is Professor of Spanish and Adjunct Professor of Screen Studies at Clark University, Massachusetts where he teaches courses on Spanish and Latin-American cinema. He has published a number of books including Pedro Almod?var (2006) in the University of Illinois Press' Contemporary Film Directors series. Kathleen M. Vernon is Associate Professor of Hispanic Languages and Literatures at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. She is author and editor of numerous studies on Spanish cinema and culture including Post-Franco, Postmodern: The Films of Pedro Almod?var (1995).

ISBN 1-405195-82-7, ISBN 1-40-519582-7, ISBN 1-40519-582-7, ISBN 1-405-19582-7, ISBN 1-4051-9582-7

ISBN 978-1-405195-82-9, ISBN 978-1-40-519582-9, ISBN 978-1-40519-582-9, ISBN 978-1-405-19582-9, ISBN 978-1-4051-9582-9

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